Does it make him any more of a scumbag

than he was before?

Does playing away with your good mate, at the time club mate and England team mate Wayne Bridge’s girlfriend make John Terry less suitable to pull on the captain’s armband for England?

When you consider the rap sheet that has so far been notched up in his 12 year football career, seven years with England, four as captain, does this really mount to anything when the job has been sullied and rendered meaningless by him being given the position in the first place, by McClown, after it was handed about to anyone who wanted it under Svennis in some games.

The moral high ground has to be taken they say, whoever they are, an example has to be made because Terry is a role model. Was there the same moral outrage about Beckham holding the position when he was shagging about with a pig wanker? After all Terry was doing the dirty behind his girlfriend now wife’s back with numerous bints before this came to light.

Add to that the post 9/11 incident in a hotel with some American visitors, his arrest after a rumble in a nightclub, though he was cleared of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, unlawful wounding, possessing a bottle as an offensive weapon and affray. His ability to piss into a beer glass on camera, the gambling, his unwillingness to pay to park his car, preferring to use the disabled spots, taking cash for tours of the Chelsea training ground. All that along with not only the sins of the father – caught on camera selling cocaine – but the sins of the mother and mother-in-law – shoplifting from Tesco.

Then there’s that email sent round by hawking his services, for a reasonable fee, as England captain in World Cup year describing his family man status, by a part of his new management team.

He’s a piece of shit, he was before this, one more misdemeanour, it’s just a drop in the ocean.

But who would lead this motley bunch?

Current vice-captain is Rio Ferdinand, oh great just what we want Captain Beaky. Say what you want about Terry’s moral character or lack of it at least he’s not a coward on the park. He may be a limited player but he’ll throw himself in front of a shot, block it all costs, unlike Rio. No Rio is more likely to see a shot coming, jump and turn his back just out of the way, to try and make it look like he made an effort when everyone knows he ponced out of it.

Not a leader of men, added to that he’s hardly played this season and when he has it’s been an embarrassment.

The previous runner for the job when Capello took over was Gerrard, he certainly had his backers. Well he had one, the leading cheerleader writing his paper columns from his Stevie G adorned bedroom, Gerrard wallpaper, Gerrard duvet, Gerrard rug and all those slightly sticky Stevie posters, along with the piles of unsold ghosted Gerrard autobiographies. I wonder who wrote them and is someone else writing the follow up as that cheerleader is now saying…

Gerrard is too inhibited an individual to be England captain. Henry Winter

Is the love affair over? Again as with Ferdinand the guy hasn’t played much this season and when he has he hasn’t exactly set the world alight. After all we were told at the beginning that Fabio would only pick those fit and in form. Anyway Gerrard has done nothing in his 77 caps to deserve an England place never mind be guaranteed it with the armband. Remember the last World Cup and how useless he was.

There’s Fat Frank, is he guaranteed a spot, certainly wouldn’t have the backing of most of the fans. Then of course he has a bit of a rap sheet himself, was there with Terry post 9/11 and there’s that holiday roasting video, oh that’s right Rio was in that little home made production wasn’t he. Barry well he’s become a regular under Fabio but in reality his play has seriously dropped off after he stopped having to fight for his place, the move to Citeh doesn’t seem to have helped either.

So who does that really leave? Well it’ll have to be one of Fab’s Favs, Cashley Cole, that’ll be a winner with the fans. Best left back in the world my arse, yeah looks the part against the likes of Sunderland when they’re on the end of a stuffing, not attacking or defending. That’s not forgetting his past antics, or indeed those of his wife the nation’s sweetheart, Biffa.

So Rooney, he’s guaranteed to be there and in the starting XI. Well he would be but what are the chances come June 12th, this summer, England’s first game against the USA, that Rooney will be sat somewhere other than South Africa with his leg in plaster or nursing the scars of surgery. He’s currently running around all over the park, carrying another 9 outfield players on his back for 90 minutes game after game, keeping ManUre’s head above the water. Where would Fergie and his side be without Rooney this season.

More importantly where will England be without him in the summer?

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