Can we play you

every week.

Though of course not for some considerable time from now.

A comfortable 3-1 away win in the cup against 3rd division opposition, Spurs do like these trips north under ‘Arry.

Realistically it should have been closer to the Wigan score than an injury time third that just made sure of no extra time. As in the first game it was Spurs versus one man as Leeds ‘keeper, Ankergren, kept out numerous chances until the 37th minute and…

…good run by Bentley, nice cross though behind Defoe but he got it and then a scuffing, sliced shinner, looping into the net. That was the main difference, he miss hit it, all those other strikes were pretty clean the ball going where the ‘keeper would expect, this didn’t.

It should have been the beginning of the end but it brought Leeds out of their torpor as Spurs dropped back. You have to feel sorry for Gomes at times, can’t be easy at corners and set pieces when most of the team are so deep they’re right on top of him all leading to the added time Becchio equaliser…

…funny how these offside, is the player active or inactive, when is the player active or inactive goals are given when score against Spurs but not when by them – Liverpool the other week.

This game round though half-time came right for Spurs, in the home tie it stopped them in their tracks and allowed Leeds to regroup, the exact opposite happened here. Though again it took plenty of time to retake the lead, nearly 20 minutes when…

…another cracking cross by Bentley, right across the six yard line and Defoe showed the predatory instinct that has been missing of late, when he’s been quite quiet in games. This was the post-Chrimbo Defoe back, back to make one Leeds fan even happier, 7/2 for first goal scorer had made him happy, 13/2 to score at least twice increased that joy.

Though Becchio scored the goal and at home I suppose the Leeds manager had to play two up front, there was something missing from them that was there in the first tie and that was the influence Snodgrass had on the game. Thankfully for Spurs as again ‘Arry chose to field a weakened side, only starting with 10 players, those 10 not helped by the debilitating effect of Jenasite. Why ‘Arry the shop window is closed.

But it was still only a goal lead and time was ticking down and this is Spurs so when the fourth official came out and flashed four extra minutes, history pointed to only one outcome. It starts with that four minutes, where did that come from? Leeds made three subs, two at one time, Spurs had none, so that’s a minute and a half, no injuries, not really any time wasting, so 2 minutes should have gone up, three at the very maximum. But when Spurs are paying refs seem to like to add in extra Fergie time.

But thankfully that extra couple of minutes made United go for it as everyone was up for a free kick taken by the ‘keeper…

…couple of boots later, and a great finish by Defoe, he’s happy, ‘Arry’s ‘appy, I’m happy, though are we as happy as the Leeds fan, hat-trick 28/1, there’s football loyalty but then there’s getting free money from Mr. Ladbroke, he is a Yorkshireman after all…

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