Now that’s the England we

remember and hate.

Yes that’s it the England rugby side, you know the one that puts in one of the worst games you’ll see, certainly the worst game of the 6 Nations so far, scratches out a win against a very poor side and then tells you it was brilliant and how great they were.

From last week when captain Steve Borthwick put in a decent performance against Welsh Wales to this week’s atrocity in which he was anonymous at best. Right up until he opened his mouth shortly after the final whistle and out came a stream of drivel not heard since, well last season when he came out with this kind of crap after pretty much every game.

I thought some of the stuff we did was outstanding Steve Borthwick

OK Steve, oh no you mean outstanding in the good sense, not outstandingly awful, or outstandingly inept, or outstandingly dimwitted, or outstandingly dull.

Yeah I know you’re a loyal guy and you have to stick up for the lads, but christ on a crutch man, the more you spout this crap the more they seem to believe it. And that isn’t doing anybody any good.

You keep telling them it’s outstanding and they’ll keep on kicking aimless punts up the park, giving the ball away needlessly. They’ll keep doing it even though when they ran back, with support, it created decent breaks. They’ll keep on throwing inept lineout balls in, they’ll keep on committing stupid, basic mistakes.

Yeah the try was good, not as great as Steve made out it was about all you saw of Tait. And yes Monye did have some good breaks but will someone teach him to have a bit of a look around for support, I know chances are slim there’ll be any but there was yesterday and he never bothered once to turn his head from it forward position.

You are only deluding yourself and those in the team that are listening, it’s not doing anyone any favours.

Someone also has to stop commentators making stupid remarks about the kicking accuracy of Jonny as well, because when he isn’t getting the scoreboard ticking over England get even worse. Also someone has to do something about the TV coverage, the more cameras the director’s have the more they miss.

Funny how things change in a week, just over seven days ago a slight trip sees a yellow card and England rack up the match winning points, this week a yellow sees not only England not capitalise with any point gain but them hardly having any of the ball in the 10 minutes. And then this week a flying hacking kick at a player by Ireland’s Flannery barely results in a penalty, never mind a card, which should have been red. Norman Hunter, I don’t think “Bite Your Legs” ever did anything that scummy on a pitch.

So England, back to the dark old days of the Andy Robinson era, now wasn’t it fun watching the increasing befuddled look on the ex-England man’s face as the Jock destroyed the Taffs to grab defeat from the jaws of victory.

Can’t look past the French though, finally playing a settled side and with a half back pair in Parra and Trinh-Duc that are on the same wave length, they destroyed the Oirish. They look to have some of the best of the old French sides with discipline, a scary combination.

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