Effectology volume 14

Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.14 Envelope Filter Oddities Guitar effects pedals

Envelope Filter Oddities.

Bill Ruppert is back with another in his excellent series of Effectology videos where he uses just a standard guitar and a few well chosen Electro-Harmonix effects pedals to make some weird non-guitar noises.

This time round he’s using various EHX Envelope Filter pedals, namely the Q-Tron+, the Riddle: Q Balls and the Enigma: Q Balls.

He uses the first of these to produce the sound of the dawn chorus, either that or you’re in a cartoon and have been hit over the bonce and birds are fluttering and chirping round your head. Followed by a babbling brook and the EHX orchestra.

Following that up Bill heads back into the sound of vinyl, with a scratchy recording reminiscent of Les Paul, or Django with the Riddle producing the tone of an old style amp and speaker combo.

And finally from the Enigma he gets the sound of well “The Enigma Synth”…

…you can find the full list of the pedals Bill used and their settings over at the EHX forum.

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