Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-04-04

  • I have a feeling my fantasy baseball team won't be winning any leagues… #
  • @GloryGloryCoUk Pathetic piece of electioneering. in reply to GloryGloryCoUk #
  • "running of football in the country… free from political involvement" got Greece suspended, how does that fit with Labour's new gimmick? #
  • My jquery keeps bouncing?!?!?!?! #
  • @rutty_uk Sounds like a good deal and a very winnable case in reply to rutty_uk #
  • My jquery isn't bouncing anymore #
  • @yawnerddn With the same squad and manager that you went down with 😉 in reply to yawnerddn #
  • And in other news the pope is catholic, bears shit in the woods and Marcus Brigstocke is an unfunny smug twat #RickyMartin #
  • jquery mouseleave doesn't like negative margins, it's back bouncing again #
  • Can't make up my mind who Lord Adonis looks like – is it a baldy Emo Phillips or booger-eating spaz Timmy Lupus from Bad News Bears? #
  • Is there anyone at the BBC who isn't on the board of some hectoring warmists organisation whose sole aim is to keep the money rolling in? #
  • @osc_pro Absolutely bloody brilliant in reply to osc_pro #
  • "I was at a bar nursing a beer. My nipple was getting quite soggy." – #
  • @yawnerddn And bar Routledge wasn't everyone in that squad against Forest involved in taking you down, including Hughton ;-P in reply to yawnerddn #
  • Why the hell would anyone have Enya playing in the background of their corporate site for fuck's sake? #
  • @osc_pro Bloody Orinoco bloody Flow and they aren't even anywhere near South America or indeed Wimbledon common in reply to osc_pro #
  • @osc_pro 😀 in reply to osc_pro #
  • Jon "Orchid Fingers" Rauhouse on tour with Jakob Dylan ft. Neko Case & Kelly Hogan – #
  • Remembrance: Sitting in With Les Paul – #
  • "Some mornings it just doesn't seem worth it to gnaw through the leather straps." Emo Phillips #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Emo Philips…comedian + mammal…part 1/4 #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Emo Philips…comedian + mammal…part 2/4 #
  • Ozzy Osbourne's new single is to debut on CSI:NY – as sad sign of the times… #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Emo Philips…comedian + mammal…part 3/4 #
  • I favorited a YouTube video — Emo Philips…comedian+ mammal…part 4/4 #
  • @yawnerddn I approved of his work last season ;-P in reply to yawnerddn #
  • RT: @DJTees: New Design Alert: Peter Green '68. Drawn for one of Jan's shot of The Mac – GREENY IS GOD! forget Claptout #
  • Another member of the BBC – for it is a cosy little club – who earns nice sums of money by propagating the AGW myth. Follow the money… #
  • ARSE Whinger's excuses for last night – "They didn't kick us, they didn't play long balls and the pitch was far too good" #
  • You'd think if HSBC – who I've never banked with – were sending me a last reminder email they'd at least spell reminder correctly. #
  • But do I need another chorus pedal, I ain't going to be playing that much Big Country, when's the Micro Flanger out? – #
  • I always thought Nicky Campbell was too self obsessed his intro for the west Kent hunt proves it… #
  • “reward director” on £196,550 – good to see the BBC isn't wasting public money – #
  • Do wish the WordPress browser detection plugin would work… #
  • Why did I put the css before the jscript??!?? #
  • Shocking #
  • @yawnerddn Don't know what's worse losing to them or your lot but then the latter didn't happen this season ;-P in reply to yawnerddn #
  • Unbelievable Jeff – Chris Kamara misses sending off at Portsmouth. – #
  • @yawnerddn You have to clutch at such things when the likes of Darren Bent should score 4 against you 🙁 in reply to yawnerddn #
  • And now the moment you've all been waiting for listen to the voice in a million as Peter Sellers sings George Gershwin- #
  • And there goes my bet that Jason Scotland wouldn't score in the Prem… #
  • @osc_pro Yup 😉 in reply to osc_pro #

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