It’s a good job ‘Arry’s missus wasn’t

chris kamara misses sending off at portsmouth.

playing for Sunderland.

Or it really would have been even more of a stuffing than 3-1, I mean Sandra wouldn’t have missed two penalties, with a chance to score a hat-trick against an old club she was bitter and twisted about.

I doubt she would have had as little class to celebrate the goals she did score in such a manner as was shown on Saturday, even if she had “nothing against the football club” but I’m certain she wouldn’t have been left standing there looking completely and utterly befuddled after missing a second sitter from the penalty spot.

And that’s the thing about Darren Bent, yes he scored in the first few seconds of the game, when he just stuck his foot out and didn’t have to think about it, yes he scored the first penalty when they were leading and there wasn’t that much pressure. But he missed the first chance of a hat-trick from the spot, when the pressure was on and that had grown by his next attempt and that’s what you get a guy that can score but when the pressure is on is left standing there looking at a loss about what just happened. Cometh the hour, cometh the real Darren Bent. Yeah definitely.

Your life depended on a striker scoring a goal who would you want with that pressure – Pav, Defoe, Gudjohnsen, Keane, Crouch or Darren? I’m with ‘Arry on this one.

Poor game and a very poor performance by Spurs, hopefully getting it out of their system before a tough run of games. Should have thought about it before filling out me coupon but there’s an element of saving themselves for next weekends cup semi-final about the performance, along with “you had to say it didn’t you”.

Gomes. Well he’s come in for a bit of praise recently, and quite right to as he’s pulled off some great saves, kept us in games and had a number of clean sheets. We’re seeing the ‘keeper we were promised. But back when we got him I had my doubts, he always looked like he had a ricket in him and they all came flooding back on Saturday. The first goal, why didn’t he just keep hold of the ball, it’s not like it was coming at any great speed. And with the first penalty, palming it into the danger area, it played Walker into trouble, it’s one of the things that saw Robinson’s position falter at the club not palming saves out wide, or out but back into the middle of the box. Still was it really a pen?

There was a bit of flapping from the big Brazilian as well but on the other side you get two great penalty saves.

The other two pens, well nice work by Campbell to throw himself into Modric for the first one, though when you dangle your leg out in the box like that it has to be expected by certain players. And how lucky was Palacios not to be booked for giving away the second, you assume a penalty conceded like that would be an automatic booking, especially with a useless ref but no. So he is still available for the semi-final unlike Portsmouth’s Vanden Borre…

Anyway back to the misery, I’m sure Sandra would have buried that chance Jones had a real swinger at and completely missed, I can see why Pugwash wanted him – and why Hicks & Gillett and previously Valencia are/were reluctant to give the fat Spanish waiter free reign with the transfer cash. Zenden’s volley, yeah nicely taken but I have always thought he’s been overrated as a player.

So all in all stuffed by a bunch of bums…

…and to add insult to injury it was followed by that shocking display by Burnley, but what can you expect from a club who picks their manager from an accountants – Deloitte and Touche – report based on performance relative to budget.

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