Three games in

and one series win later.

And it’s my first baseball post of the season – damn you channel five, damn you all to hell – hell it’s almost my first baseball post since the Yanks ended the Toxic Curse all those months ago, just over 5 ain’t it.

Nothing over the close season about the Yanks or the game, bar my absolute shock at the news that a home run record breaker took drugs in the 90s. So nowt about any of the reigning World Series Champions acquisitions or those they let go.

I wasn’t that bothered to see Johnny Damon go to be honest, sad to see Godzilla leave, always liked the unflappable, unfidgety way he went about his batting, but I kinda understood why it had to be. Especially with the arrival of Curtis Granderson from the Tigers. I’ve always liked the kid after he came over here during the off-season a couple of years back and appeared on channel five’s baseball show. Seemed like a top bloke and certainly put a hell of a lot of British sportsmen in the shade with his communication skills – I don’t seem to remember any “you knows” – he came across as a top bloke and a great ambassador for the game.

Added to all that he looked to have all the skills required on the park, skills that in a way need to be realised early on in a Yankees shirt for it to be the start of a Yankees career. Slow starts build a pressure that creates busted Yankees careers.

Now does it get any quicker than a homer in your first at bat – OK it could be quicker with a first pitch home run, we can also forget the game ending at bat in that first loss – and then the game winning HR against the Red Sux in their backyard to win the first series of the season.

Nice one Curtis, just have to keep it up for the next 159 games and you may have earned that pinstriped jersey 😉

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