Effectology volume 16

Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.16 “Doctor Who” By Bill Ruppert guitar pedals

Dr. Who theme tune.

Bill Ruppert is back with another Effectology video, showcasing the extraordinary sounds you can get from some well chosen guitar effects pedals – Electro-Harmonix effects pedals – and just a guitar oh and a certain amount of talent.

This episode takes me back to my childhood – I don’t watch the current incarnation – and those glorious Saturday nights after Grandstand when a new episode of Dr. Who was on. The glory days of the programme the Tom Baker days. Had my Tom Baker scarf on and certainly didn’t hide behind my chair, unlike my old mate Richard and his sister.

And what a great job Bill has done to recreate the original theme tune created in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop – back when the Beeb actually created things – by Delia Derbyshire. All the Effectology videos have been great but looking at the comments on YouTube this seems to be a real favourite and I can see why.

All the individual effect Bill used and their settings can be found at the EHX forum.

The second John Pertwee and first Tom Baker sequences were by far the best.

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