England playing with fear

but what have they got be be fearful about?

Fear of failure? Why on earth would they have a fear of failure?

After all this is pretty much the same group that failed to reach the last major tournament – Euro 2008 – failed at the last World Cup and the last Euros they did actually get to. So why would they be fearful of something they are such experts at doing?

I mean what about failure affects them? It’s not like they have any fear of being dropped, no matter how badly they play or how much they fail they’re still there at the next squad get together. There’s certainly no fear of losing their place for Gerrard, Lampard, Ferdinand, Terry, Rooney etc. Oh they get a bit of stick from the media, who within no time are back kissing their arses. Get some stick from the fans, well they get that from away fans anyway and their own club fans stick up for them, so what’s to fear there.

There is of course the fear that if they fail then they might lose out on some nice endorsement contracts. God forbid a guy on over £100,000 a week basic salary should go without a few grand more in extras.

As the last two days press conference have shown though there is some fear of the manager from the players. Yesterday Terry was talking up a mutiny, today Lampard pretty much admitted that when it came to the crunch those that were all mouth previously behind the manager’s back had no trousers when it came to face Fabio.

So the players didn’t stick to their guns in the much talked about team get-together, no demands for Joe Cole to play – how long have I been saying on here that Cole slows down play and now Fabio and Ancelotti at Chelsea have figured it out, but saying that I’d rather he was there than Wright-Phillips and Gerrard. No demands for Gerrard to be moved behind Rooney as we are told by all the Liverpool obsessed media the whole team wants. Does Rooney actually want that or to stick with Heskey who makes him look good which is singular lack of any footballing ability.

One of the main questions we’ve heard since these dismal displays is “how are a team that qualified so easily be so bad so suddenly”?

Well I haven’t exactly scoured all the papers but I see that one commentator has finally admitted the truth – again as has been said on here – ad nauseum, you claim – and it’s from an ex-player who I really couldn’t stand – reading the Grauniad doesn’t make you an intellectual.

It is something that has been missing from the England team for quite some time. During the qualification process for the World Cup, it was masked by results, but it is when things are not going so well that these troubles come to the fore Graeme Le Saux

Far too many people were far too satisfied with just the results in the qualification stage. Never mind the quality feel the width.

But England still have hope after all as Jermain Defoe stated after the Algeria game…

We’re still a great team Jermain Defoe


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