Only thing that’s tired Fabio is

this old excuse.

Oh England superstars play too many games, they’re too tired when they get to a tournament and this is why they fail miserably.

Bullshit! As the media were very quick to point out on average the German’s played more games in this last season, all their top players played more games than England’s superstars. The ones that are tired are the fans, tired of hearing tired old excuses for tired old failures.

Mesut Özil, who was widely regarded as the best player on the park on Sunday has played about as many games as his betters in red but then you add into that he didn’t have last summer off to swan about in sunnier climes. No, he along with Khedira and Boateng were winning the U-21 European Championship. I don’t know what they were doing the previous year at this time but I do know the same bunch of superstars that failed for England in this World Cup had that summer off as well. Something to do with a previous failure.

Tiredness ain’t gonna cut it as an excuse Fabio.

Yes the Premier League is a tough, hard and fast season. But it’s no excuse for what we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Being unable to pass a ball 5 yards without giving away possession has nothing to do with tiredness. Defending as we saw against Germany in the first half has nothing to do with tiredness. It has far more to do with basic lack of basic abilities. Not being up to it at the highest level and the players believing they are great because so many people tell them so, especially when their huge pay-packets prove it week in week out.

Delusional players. Is there one more delusional than Frank Lampard? After the last World Cup where he was atrocious he came back to Blighty shouting about the “respect” he deserved. Now he wasn’t much better in this tournament, though a couple of the shots actually hit the intended target this time – unless of course the intended target is row z or the wall – he came out with another classic rant, this time it was better…

Nobody can stand here and tell me Germany were a lot better than us. They were not 4-1 better than us. But things have conspired against us and maybe we have conspired against ourselves at times. It just didn’t go for us. Frank Lampard

Have you heard a more illustrative comment of the arrogance and delusional state these players live in. Luckily it only seems Frank and Fabio are claiming they were hard done by.

No Frank they weren’t 4-1 better than you, not over 90 minutes, they were 4-1 better over the first 45 minutes, for the full 90 it would be closer to 8-1 and quite frankly Frank you were lucky to get that 1, certainly didn’t deserve that 1 being a 2.

It’s the hype around the Premier League that creates a losing England team not the number of games. No one in red on that park is a great player, for club or country. Great should only be used for the very top of the pile, some are very good for their clubs none are that for their country. But when you don’t have to be that good and you still get picked, still get the huge pay-packet and still get the endorsement deals why bother.

And that’s the thing, look at Rooney, something wrong with him we’re told. If playing for ManUre and he had the ball taken off him as pathetically as it was on numerous occasions here, he would have chased after the offender, hunted him down and taken him out, no matter how tired or injured he was. Here, he just stood there and took it, didn’t matter as much. And you look at it honestly and can you really say Rooney has played as well for England since that first championship he took part in, Euro 2004. What happened after that, oh that’s right he moved to ManUre a few weeks later.

Ferdinand is the same, along with so many more don’t put the same in for their country as they do for their clubs, Gerrard etc. And then we have the likes of Carragher who turned his back on England and whinged about not playing and then stated it meant less to him than Liverpool. Bringing someone like that back into the fold, someone who doesn’t really care, that was a smart move Fabio. Oh was he tired?

The other main problem with England players is the Wayne Bridge scenario. Bridge, happy to sit on the bench for Chelsea and be Cole’s understudy as long as he took home a nice wage packet at the end of the week and picked up the odd bit-part winners medals. Only moving when someone was willing to meet his wage demands. Not interested really in playing week in week out and fighting for his England place back, after all he was sitting on the bench there and getting all the perks.

And that’ll probably stop those I mentioned yesterday in the under 21 and under 17 set-up, stepping up. Before they’ve proven they’re up to the job they’ll have the agent who’ll get them the contract, the car, the PR and the WAG. They’ll be happy to sit on the bench and waste their talent rather than seeking a new team with playing prospects at reduced money. Go to a little team, no I’ll stay here, this bench is comfy. Dear god they would even think of heading overseas.

And if they do want to move the club will want a huge whack of cash and the agent will want a pay rise for any England player. You look at Micah Richards at Citeh, a kid with great promise that’s dropped off drastically over the last couple of seasons. Spurs are said to be interested. Now I think ‘Arry could get him back and then bring him on but his club will want £10million, ridiculous money you can probably get 2 Africans, a Latvian and a Honduran and still have change from £10m to pay the wages.

It’s time to pick a manager with a plan for the youth. Sign him on for one tournament, pay him a basic wage, with addons for results, getting to finals, getting through the rounds at finals and a huge incentive to win a damn thing. And time to pick players who want to play for the shirt not for what it can bring them but just the pride of wearing it and doing their best when representing England.

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