At least it didn’t go to pelanties

Chris Waddle, le clown


Lot of people reaching Toxic Web after searching for “Chris Waddle rant” not to find it. Thy’re just finding mentions of Chris Waddle and the mental block after 1990 which means he is unable to say the word penalty. Or that classic rant from a QPR fan earlier in the year.

So one of my favourite players, for Spurs and England, Waddle – why did you cut off the mullet before the semi? Never mind the pelanty you’d have scored instead of hitting the woodwork during the game with the mullet. Take note Torres – had a little go after England’s 4-1 defeat to Germany about the set-up, the FA, the Premier League and the players…

The FA sit on their backsides and do nothing tournament after tournament after tournament. Why don’t they listen? Why don’t they look at other countries and ask ‘how do they keep producing talent?

We coach talent out of players. We’re looking to Gerrard and Rooney to turn up at this tournament but they haven’t. So where do we go, where is plan B? We haven’t got one. We say we’ve got pacey wingers, we haven’t.

The back four can’t control it, can’t pass it. We lack so many ideas and it is so frustrating. The amount of money in our league is frightening and all we do is waste it on rubbish ideas. Chris Waddle

Now most of that makes sense. We have a pacey winger his name is Lennon, he is very pacey but to be a winger he has to deliver the ball and he can deliver the ball, he was high on the assist list for the past season even tough he missed a big chunk of it. Maybe Chris is thinking of one of his pet subjects, Walcott, who doesn’t have a footballing brain as Waddle claimed earlier, only one person to blame for that – how many English prospects has a certain frog destroyed? Waddle should be in the coaching staff teaching the ones we want to be the wingers on how to do the job properly.

Another mistake he makes is this carping on about Gerrard playing further up behind Rooney. It’s one of the ideas that’s lacking – looking beyond the superstar names. Do we really want Gerrard more on the ball? He one of the most profligate players about and has an inability to pass the ball without battering it or going for the Hollywood pass. Add to that all those inept attempts on goal we’d get if he was the second striker.

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