You’re just rubbing it in now…

aren’t you Germany.

German midfielder Thomas Mueller, who scored two goals in their drubbing of England, is trying to add insult to injury by not only putting us to the sword on the field but by then completely and correctly analysing one of the main problems with the current English team and telling us exactly what that problem is in a language even the dolts wearing red on Sunday can understand…

It is difficult to have so many ‘alpha males’ and have them row in the same direction.
You don’t only need chiefs, you also need a few Indians. You need people who are willing to do the hard work.
It may be a problem with England that players are simply not mentally prepared to go that extra mile for their team-mates. Thomas Mueller

Ever get the feeling you’re being patted on the head Messrs Gerrard, Rooney, Lampard, Terry, etc.

He’s spot on though, from those players that try and dictate what position they play, to those that try and dictate that their friends play, or their friends play in a certain position, or that some big dumb lump plays because he makes someone look good, to those that chuck a moody and quit when the manager has the audacity to put them on the bench.

There’s far too much ego in the current lot.

You then look at what it creates on the pitch. Disharmony. You look at say Lennon, when he does well, gets the ball sticks a couple of crosses in and everyone can see he is destroying the opponent’s fullback what happens? I tell you what he barely sees the ball again and if he does then Gerrard – the left sided player – is standing right next to him – on the right of the park – screaming for the ball. So what will the youngster do but accede to the wishes of the senior man. Anyone who is doing well can pretty much kiss goodbye to the ball. Jealousy, don’t want others to succeed and take all the limelight.

That added to the amount of glory balls, Hollywood balls, whether shots that are miles wide or high or both. To cross field passes that bounce over the player on the other side of the pitch, usually Lennon at all of 4 foot 3″ of him. Highlight real stuff, looks good but achieves bugger all.

It’s all about the pursuit of personal glory above the team. It’s all summed up in that Nike advert, you know the one where everyone in it is a World Cup 2010 failure. Who is there, Ronaldinho didn’t even make the Brazil squad, Ribéry useless in a useless team, Ronaldo didn’t exactly set the world alight – best game against North Korea when they’d let in a few – Fabregas well Spain are doing OK but he ain’t even really a bit-part player. Roger Federer just dumped out of Wimbledon without at least getting to the semis for the first time in years.

And of course Rooney getting all the headlines and getting the old arise Sir Rooney routine. Personal glory.

So anyway it’s OK Herr Mueller you can keep telling us all about our failings at the game we created, nobody in a position to actually do anything has the slightest clue and so nothing will be done, it won’t come back to bight you on the arsch.

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