Lovepedal Amp 50

Lovepedal Amp 50


Finally got my hands on one of the Lovepedal mini line of effects pedals, the Amp 50, the miniest version of the Lovepedal Church of Tone overdrives.

So far very happy, get some nice tones out of it and as the blurb states it stacks well with my other mini-pedals – the Catalinbread “Hyperpak Dirty Channel” and “V8 Fuzz” – and my main fuzz – Tonefactor Huckleberry – also works well when using the volume pot on the guitar to clean up. But it could be one of those pedals that you require three of – one for clean boost, one for overdrive and one for flat out fuzz.

Very dynamic pedal.

…the gratuitous Andy from ProGuitarShop video.

Now just have to get my hands on the vibe, echo and tremolo.

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