Effectology volume 17

Electro-Harmonix Effectology, Vol.17 Transforming Guitar to Bass guitar pedals

Transforming Guitar To Bass…

Or … “How Low Can You Go?”

Bill Ruppet is back with another of his videos showcasing the amazing non-guitar sounds he – and now you with the help of these videos – can get from a few Electro-Harmonix effects pedals and a guitar.

Now the sub-title for this video led myself and others to think that Bill was taking it easy on this one. After all EHX produce some of the best known octave down effects pedals out there. Plug guitar in to EHX POG or HOG, move octave down slider, he presto bass.

Well not quite…

…err sorry Bill, how could we have ever doubted you.

Yes the octave effects pedals are there but he’s done far more than just plugging into them. That upright bass sounds spot on doesn’t it?

Find the settings for each pedal used in the demo at the EHX site

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