You say you want a revolution

well you don’t.

You want the same old usual suspects with the addition of Bobby Zamora.

That’s gonna reinvigorate your enthusiasm for Fabio’s England after the World Cup campaign ain’t it? What more could you ask for in the forthcoming Euro qualifiers than the clapped out bunch of wasters who failed miserable in South Africa with the addition of – If the ball hits your head and you’re sat in row Z that’s – Zamora in place of Heskey.

I mean you’ve already been won over by Fabio’s admission that England were going to be crap in the World Cup…

But when we played the friendly games before the World Cup, the players were not in the same situation that they were in March – we knew the situation before the World Cup.
I spoke with my staff but I could not come out and say this because psychologically it is not good for the players because they can read everything. Fabio

Also he didn’t come out and say it at the time because he was a bit busy renegotiating that get out clause that would have seen him sent on his way by the F.A. after the debacle.

But some still see this as an overhaul, the introduction of three uncapped players, two who can’t get a game for their club and another who has had one good season in the top flight and is to no-one’s thinking an international player. Though the first two I would have in the squad, actually probably the starting XI.

Now the big talking point is the retirement after being picked in the squad of two players, Paul Robinson and Wes Brown. Of course the media have grasped onto the wrong end of the story. Yes it does show the lack of communication Fabio has with the players, just one of his many failings, but they’ve totally missed the most important part of the story. He picked Wes Brown again. Every opportunity Fabio has made Brown a part of the set up, whenever fit and available he’s been there. This is the story, not Brown standing down, the fact that he was there in the first place because Fabio thinks Wes Brown is an international player.

Can understand Robinson spitting the dummy in a way, but it does leave a sour taste. He should have gone to the World Cup, had a far better season than Green and James – both thankfully jettisoned, but is it just for this game. And after being overlooked for so long by Fabio I can see why Robinson isn’t happy about now being deemed good enough to sit on the bench.

Well Spurs numbers have plummeted, maybe Fabio listened to ‘Arry’s rant about this stupidly timed friendly and so Defoe, Crouch, Ledley and Lennon are missing. Thanks Fabio, four major parts of Spurs line up next Saturday for the opening fixture of the league get to stay at their club, can only help ‘Arry and Spurs.

But then it does point for poor future for the national team as Fabio rates the likes of Zamora, Bent, Walcott ahead of them. A poor future, did you think it couldn’t get worse than what we saw earlier in the summer?

So what can we expect against Hungary at Wembley on Wednesday? Well hopefully booing and plenty of it but just the same old faces filling out the same old shirts. Gerrard and Lampard in the midfield, usual fullbacks, as one journo made it apparent when he stated that Jagielka would make the better partner for Terry, the same old slow lumper at the back. It never occurs to them that Terry is a problem and shouldn’t actually be there and a Dawson/Jagielka partnership would be the better option than either of them beside the scumbag.

England will no doubt win, Hungary are pretty damn poor at the moment, no Galloping Major, though they might still show us how to play the game it won’t be the same as the Magical Magyars in ’53.

Everyone will claim it a new dawn, a resurgence and well win the Euros. When we’ll still be piss poor, totally destroyed when faced with class opponents and will limp on until Fabio is finally booted out, when it’ll all start over again.

Ah it’s good to be back…

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