A “no brainer”

is that the signing or the player?

What to think of Gallas wearing a Spurs shirt after being captain of the scum and and that Ruski nouveau riche mob. ‘Arry thinks it’s a no brainer.

It’s ‘orrible because you just don’t want that scumbag sullying the shirt but you also know that a centre-back is urgently required, a defender with experience of the league who can drop straight into the side. And with his experience with two of the “Sky Sports Big 4” he has that and so with that comes the experience of winning, winning trophies with Chelski, winning enough games to finish 3rd or 4th in the league but no silverware with the scum.

He also comes at the right price, in that Spurs don’t have to hand any cash to the scum as he’s on a free. When you compare that to some of the defenders we’ve been linked with over the last few months and the money they would cost mentioned. Nothing for Gallas does beat £10 million plus for the likes of Upson and Anton Ferdinand. Also sounds like the chairman has done a deal on the wages so it’s not a weekly bill up there with what Gallas wanted from others sides interested in him, until they heard those wage demands.

It’s not just the previous team connections though it’s the feeling he is a bit of the “clubhouse cancer” as the yanks would term it. A disruptive force, much in the way that made me hesitate about the possible signing of Craig Bellamy. First at Chelski there was the whinging and wining about being played out of position as a fullback, then the crying to get a move out of the club. Then you have the strops at the scum – most notably at Birmingham – though they may have got his fellow scumites collective backs up, it was more to do with him wanting more from those around him. Do some of Spurs players want or more to the point need that kind of kick up the arse?

Now he’ll want to try and win over his new “supporters” so maybe we’ll see some good stuff from him, averaged 3 goals a season with the scum scored a few with Chelski. So I don’t know if head is winning out over heart here.

Has there ever been a player who has played for Spurs, the scum and Chelski? Clive Allen didn’t actually play a completive game but some friendlies for the Woolwich Wanderers, so does that count?

Funny as one player who represented both the hated scumbag teams splits opinion and induces such strong emotions there’s also the possibility of another who has done the same joining as rumours spread of Lassana Diarra coming from Real Madrid. ‘Arry signed him for Pompey after he’d only made 20 appearances for those other two, so he’s not thought of as badly as say Gallas.

No doubt a bunch of morons will somehow equate the signing of Gallas to that of Judas moving to the scum, completely ignoring the differences in the situation – did Gallas ever claim he would never sign for Spurs? – because the Judas luvvie is a media darling that can do nothing wrong and we are in the wrong for still despising the piece of scum.

Now with Sandro finally arriving after his Copa Libertadore victory with Internacional there’s just the need for a new striker, what with Defoe and Pav injured, Keane seemingly out of the door every other day. Preferably someone wit a bit of pace who can also hold the ball up so he can play up front on his own, I do feel if we get past Young Boys a change fro 4-4-2 to 4-5-1 / 4-3-3 will be required at times. But most of all it has to be someone who is consistent, don’t want 5 goals here, none for weeks, 3 there, nothing for a month.

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