Bizarre spam

Strange spam comments
Strange spam comments

of the day.

Though not just one day, seems like every day I’m finding a bunch of spam that has got past all the methods to reduce spam I’ve added to be then caught by Askimet, which makes no sense what so ever.

The comments are full of BBCode (Bulletin Board Code) for URLs [url=] and links [link] but they aren’t real sites just a seemingly random set of letters, well they don’t register any results in a search or a “is it down for me” style check site, I haven’t clicked any of them. Added to that are used for the “author’s site are pretty much the same kind of jumbled mess. As you can see below, click for full pic.

In that lot, small sample, one from India and the rest up and down the west coast of the US.

Strange, you really have to wonder what the point is.

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