Breakfast of champions

slice of toast and some ice cubes.

Reading this morning the diet that champion jump jockey Tony McCoy sticks to to keep him in the winner’s enclosure and has made him the champion jockey year after year for a decade and a half…

Breakfast: A slice of toast (unbuttered). Ice cubes to suck while having early bath.

Lunch: Two jelly babies or a stick of KitKat or two sugar cubes to suck. Small slice of chicken (optional).

Dinner:* Steamed fish – sea bass and trout are particular favourites – or possibly chicken, accompanied by steamed vegetables – often broccoli, spinach or butternut squash.

Drinks: Mugs of tea, with sugar, to accompany breakfast and lunch and another before bedtime. Tony McCoy’s diet sheet

* Dinner is only served four times a week.

It’s what makes him a winner, the dedication to stick to that meagre diet and to head out nearly every day to put his life on the line to jump round on the back of some big dumb beast – I’m not a great fan of horses.

Compare that to say footballers, whinging about double training, whinging about 100K a week not being enough, whinging when fans – the reason for the game in the first place – don’t take too kindly to the players being crap and have the audacity to boo.

Should he be The Sport’s personality of the Year? Well after he finally got that Grand National victory, who else is there that’s won anything of any note this calendar year? No doubt as a sop to racing he’ll get a nomination but as the BBC barely shows any of it they won’t be talking him up, unlike some Commonwealth Games bronze medallist or such like.

There will be a lot of people in sport who have never heard of my name…Let alone outside sport. Tony McCoy

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