I’ll never forget that first day

Hovis Advert - Tony Capstick - Capstick Comes Home 1981

at t’pit.

My first trip to the US of A came when I was not yet a teenager, we flew into JFK on a British Airways flight, back when BA liked being British.

So with that they had a channel on the radio that looped a bunch of classic British comedians and comedy shows. There was some Jasper Carrott, Morecambe & Wise, Dad’s Army, Peter Sellers, Monty Python, Fawlty Towers and one, being so young, I hadn’t heard before…

According to the folks I was oblivious to all around as I sat there laughing, shoulders going up and down, which amused another passenger on the flight who asked what I was listening to. He was informed the station number and duly tuned in, to sit there with a bemused look on his face, just didn’t get it, any of it, he was American after all. Saying that we were going to stay with my aunt & uncle, the latter being born and bred American and a lover of all things British comedy wise, his favourite was Rising Damp.

Maybe with the Capstick routine it might just be a touch understandable that it left him a little unsure. Some that class ’em sens out as real English speakers will probably struggle wi’it, so transcript on next page…

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