Tweets of a Toxic mind for 2010-11-14

  • Wind going wild out there and big cracking sound, thinking it ain't going to be anything good… #
  • Bloody hell, take Andy Carroll out of both my fantasy football teams and the other ten average less than two points each πŸ™ #
  • That banner was so typical of Celtic. #
  • …and by that I don't mean because they couldn't spell "bloodstained". #
  • @yawnerddn Always one newly promoted side have visions of Europe and then plummet πŸ˜‰ #
  • @yawnerddn πŸ˜€ How does little Chris rank in with the Messiah stakes? #
  • @yawnerddn What is Keggy doing these days? #
  • So getting rid of /category/ just screws everything up #WordPress #
  • @yawnerddn Ah, his years in the wasteland waiting for the glorious return πŸ˜‰ #
  • How much more money is this loathsome twat Woolas going to cost the tax payer? #
  • Another 2 and half hours wasted in a courtroom not being picked for a jury #
  • @osc_pro Why you cheeky bugger… #
  • So adding IE filter causes IE to freeze up, that's handy #
  • A shame that the Cowboys have dumped Wade Phillips, could see him turn it around hahahahahahahahahahahaha, not couldn't keep straight face. #
  • @yawnerddn You weren't the only one πŸ™ #
  • All the NUS leaders I've heard talk about this march just show how easy it is to get into uni these days… all sound "like" thick innit #
  • This time tomorrow Spurs could be bottom half of the league table. #
  • Would you like to be on trial and judged by a jury member who reads a chav gossip rag like "Take A Break"? #
  • Would you like to be on trial and judged by a jury member who when giving the oath struggles to figure out her right hand? #
  • Giving :first-letter a dropshadow works fine on one page, exact same code on the next and IE freezes up bizarre… #
  • @yawnerddn My name was not drawn from the goldfish bowl, twice now… #
  • @yawnerddn They must have gone on strike, there's no more cases in this assize, said judge who fitted every conceivable stereotype #
  • @osc_pro First 10 days it's up to 4 hours Β£32.47, more than 4 Β£64.95, after 10 days it's Β£129.91 per day of sitting. #
  • Rather glad I never followed @Lord_Sugar so didn't have to put up with his rampant self promotion during the two minute silence. #
  • @grimreaperblog πŸ˜€ He should be too busy to tweet these days, Chrimbo is a hectic time for bearded dwarfs #
  • Bloody hell it's not even 3 o'clock , feels like half five… #
  • Barometer needle hard left for stormy and it ain't wrong #
  • So Fry's last flounce off didn't last long then #
  • The new @catalinbread Stereo Semaphore sounds like a nice trem #
  • Will the twittertrial "rebels" be tweeting about stoning a stupid bint? Nah thought not, not quite PC enough… #
  • …I believe he's bound for New Orleans… #
  • Why when their showing a close up of a guitarist on TV do they always focus on the wrong hand? #
  • …and all to the music of the legendary Hawaiian guitarist Jon "Orchid Fingers" Rauhouse… #
  • How the hell can David Faye v Fraudly Audrey Harrison be included a "great weekend of boxing"? #
  • And why teh hell would anyone pay good money to watch David Faye v Fraudly Audrey Harrison? #
  • Watching Carry On Up The Khyber yesterday, I was surprised that Yasmin Alibhai-Brown hasn't got it banned. #
  • How many times does Graham Taylor say "no doubt about it" during a commentary? #
  • Bloody Jenas… #
  • Keep a clean sheet and go above Bolton, bloody typical… #
  • Wanting to list all progs installed and there it is in Ccleaner #

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