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The Vampire Lovers trailer (1970)


Ah sad news that one of the queens of British horror flicks, Ingrid Pitt, died yesterday.

Like most of the ladies used in the Hammer Horror pics of the 50s/60s/70s she wasn’t exactly the best actress in the world but like the rest she had her talents and abilities, which she was quite happy to put on show, that stand out in the memory.

You have to remember this was the days before teh interweb when you could only find this, now mild, sort of thing in magazines shoved in a hedge down an alleyway or in a sneaky late night viewing of piece of classic British x-rated horror. So certain ladies were remembered fondly – Madeline Smith, Barbara Steele, Caroline Munro, Valerie Leon, the Collinson twins.

But Ingrid was the queen of the lot, never the screaming victim always the one on the prowl for a tasty bit of flesh, usually young and female, in the likes of “The Vampire Lovers” and most notably in “Countess Dracula“…

Not forgetting she was in that classic war romp “Where Eagles Dare” and an overlooked role in “The Wicker Man” – Britt Ekland had a scene that took one’s attention away from Ingrid in that.

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