I do believe it was two nil and then

you fucked it up?

That made it just the sweeter, in their own newly HP’d library, they were cruising, we were nowhere, they were gloating and talking of how many, but then ‘Arry used the clipboard t half-time.

Many questions asked of ‘Arry when the team-sheet came out, Gallas as captain, oh I can see why you’ve done it ‘Arry, the motivation will be there to perform but will the ability and there isn’t really a typical captain type presence anywhere else, no talkers, certainly no shouters. Many expected this to be the moment when Gallas showed his true colours, giving away a few penalties, letting his scum ex-team-mates saunter past him straight through on goal. So red to be his true colour.

But no, again in the big game, as against Inter, Gallas decided to show us that he is well worth the transfer fee. It’s not his connections with the scum and Chelski that concerned most but that he’ll put in the type of slow, dithering inept performances that we’ve seen of late. If he plays like this week in week out, even those that struggle to forgive his past indiscretions. From his first tackle through giving the troglodyte Nasri a good slap, to his battling on at the end, when Spurs fans were desperate for him to be fit and stay on, every jeer from them lot lifted the performance.

Got that one right ‘Arry, what about the other one? Oh look Jenas has been gobbing off, talking big all week and then disappearing when he has to back it up. No where have I seen that before. Has he minced about while the game totally bypassed him, not bothering to actually try and do any defensive work, while desperately shovelling the ball away when ever he was unfortunate enough to receive it in the first place. So he was better in the second half, wow, it doesn’t make up for the crap we have to witness from him when others are sadly missing from the side.

The other choice was Lennon, returning from injury, it didn’t work but then nothing round him was as the ball was aimlessly humped forward in panic. White shirts, blue shorts, aimless hoofs up the pitch, just like watching England.

Same at the back as Assou-Ekotto was dozing , got the wrong side of Nasri, who se touch gave Gomes a chance but the ‘keeper stated forward and then tried to drop back, so was on his heels as the trog rounded him, BAE still on the wrong side, did bugger all to help, instead of making for the goal-line to have any chance of a clearance. Gomes redeemed himself later with a fine save from Fabricarse’s bender.

An actual Spurs’ attack, Pav keeps the ball in and of course the scum break up the park, another masterclass in defending from a Spurs fullback – oh for two fullbacks that can defend – and it’s two nil and looking like a complete disaster in the making.

Then break and ‘Arry can get hold of the players to do his half-time, tactical team talk. I have a feeling he may have used the clipboard that usually just lies around untouched but far from being used to tell the players on what they had to do – see the way Platt gives the Citeh subs a full lecture before they come on – it might have just bounced off the walls accompanied by some expletive deleted. A right good old British bollocking, exactly as required.

Changes, Defoe finally back and what a difference he made, running their defence far and wide in a way Pav really didn’t manage in the first 45 minutes. He also harried them and their ‘keeper when they had the ball, which hadn’t happened, as the whole side moved up and started to press instead of just letting them play.

The comeback though did start with another hump up the park, from BAE, but what a leap from Defoe, on rushing van der Vaart, chests it down and onto Bale, great first touch, sublime second and it’s 2-1, belief. A report I read about the Southampton youth team that included Bale and Walcott put their combined value at over £50million, well that number represents Bale’s, the “over” would be Walnutt but not big enough to warrant a mention, must be just change then.

Finally Modric is in the game, brushing off the malaise inflicted by the presence of Jenas, rides one attempt to foul him and “wins” a free kick by being fouled. Kaboul and vdV line up to take it, power or finesse, thankfully the latter as the Dutchman lifts the ball right to where Fabricarse as shifted his and Chamakh’s arm. Van der Vaart coolly slots home the penalty, making you ask why he didn’t take the one the other week that Pav missed.

Twenty minutes to win it, they had chances, goal marked off correctly for offside, and then Bale “wins” a free kick by being fouled by a challenge that he saw coming. Van der Vaart floats across the kick into a box with three Spurs players and eight of the scum not including the ‘keeper, where Kaboul rises and ends 17 years of misery.

The gamble to go for it from ‘Arry worked. Not much of a gamble it has to be said after all what would teh point of hanging on for a 2-0 defeat be, or not trying and it ending even worse than that. Whinging Wenger said looking at the stats he didn’t now how they lost that one with what we created and what they created, well the stats I saw said Spurs had more shots on and off target, slightly less possession, more corners oh and one more goal. So they created fannying about, not scoring and not being able to defend.

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