Clattenburk is at it

Roy Carroll drops Mendes’ shot over the line


Showing himself, the FA, FIFA and the whole of the game up, yet again and yet again getting away with it.

Everybody who has seen the footage of Wayne Rooney elbowing Wigan’s James McCarthy at the weekend knows what should have happened, not only at the time but also following. On the day it should have been a straight red, after the ref should have admitted he got it wrong and applied the punishment retrospectively.

Everybody but Mark Clattenburg that is, who thought the right thing to do at the time was give a free kick, shrug his shoulders and have a bit of a jokey hug and giggle with Rooney and then after the fact basically say “you know what, I got that decision spot on”.

But then, like Rooney, how much previous has this clown got? He hasn’t reffed an Everton game since seemingly consulting Steven Gerrard before sending off Everton’s Tony Hibbert. Also previous in favour of ManUre, Nani’s goal against Spurs earlier this season and of course the big one, Pedro Mendes’ goal at Old Trafford in 2005.

Then there was the case of him being banned for life after allegations into his private life and business dealings, such as being heavily in debt. A ban that was sadly lifted much to the detriment of the game.

His complete handling of this situation should mean an immediate standing down, certainly not a demotion to the lower leagues, I mean what have they down to deserve this level of arrogance and ineptitude? Arrogance and ineptitude matched by the FA and the ref’s association with their leader stating…

Mark took the correct course of action with this incident. Mike Riley

Those last two words say it all – Mike Riley – of all the weak, inept, clowns officiating the game in recent years he was the scrapings at the bottom of the barrel.

But it won’t just be ManUre and Sir Fergie of Pucenose who will be happy about their player getting away with it again. Jonathan Pearce who commentated on the match for the B.B.C.’s Match of the Day will be happy there hasn’t been what he called a “witch hunt” when interviewing that pathetic sub Phil “yes, boss” Neal stooge the club put up for “interviews” with the corporation because of Fergie’s continuing tantrum.

Though in the end, should any of it have come as a great shock? No. We shouldn’t be shocked that out of no where Rooney would elbow someone, we shouldn’t be surprised that he got away with it on the park and we shouldn’t be surprised that the ref and FA would bottle it after the fact. He gets away with gobbing of non stop through the game at officials and the FA hardly ever do an England international, especially not a big name one – how many times has Gerrard got away with it?

And so onto tonight and Rooney will be on the pitch facing Ashley Cole…

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