The pedal that rocks the world

Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World

Cry Baby Wah.

Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World tells the story of the wah wah effect pedal, from its invention in 1966 to the present day. Musicians, engineers, and historians discuss the impact of the pedal on popular music and demonstrate the various ways it has been used, as well as how its evolution has improved the ability of artists to express themselves musically.

The film features interviews with Brad Plunkett, the inventor of the pedal, plus many other musical luminaries such as Ben Fong-Torres, Eddie Van Halen, Slash, Buddy Guy, Art Thompson, Eddie Kramer, Kirk Hammett, Dweezil Zappa, and Jim Dunlop. These professionals explain how a musical novelty transcended convention and has become timelessly woven into the fabric of modern pop-culture

Yup like most the Crybaby wah was my first pedal, I’d waka waka away for days back then. Don’t use it that often these days as it’s still not fuzz friendly and whereas I didn’t have a fuzz box back then I use fuzz pedals quite a bit these days.

Hell there’s always at least two in my setup, could say it’s three if you count an Amp50 cranked as a fuzz unit. Sometimes it’s even more, Big Muff Pi clone doesn’t see as much use as before, then could bung in an octave fuzz in there and so on. And my Tonefactor Huckleberry has had to take a back seat since my new Stomp Under Foot Hellephant has taken over as my go to fuzz. Saying that I haven’t actually tried it with a couple of the units.

But one of these days that wah will be back in use, just have to stop myself pulling the wah face when rocking and waka wakaing away.

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