Where do we park the bus


So Real in the quarters and then onto Barca for the semis before… well, who cares in the final.

So away to the nine times winners of the competition for the first leg and then back home to prevent Jose from winning his third title with a third different club. No probs.

So many wishing for Schalke but then Spurs would go into that game as some sort of favourite and well we’ve seen what happens when they don’t take an opposition seriously. Lose to Wigan, Blackpool etc. Madrid, well Spurs are gonna have to be on it from the start and the name, history, stadium and manager should be enough to make sure that is the case.

Only thing I hope is that ‘orrible baby blue kit is deemed too light and so too close to Madrid’s white to be used in the first leg. That kit plus Pienaar and Jenas at the Bernabeu doesn’t bear thinking about.

Then after they’re seen off it’s over to Barcelona for the semi-final. Well what’s the point of having an easy route through this thing, where’s the glory in that? Why try and avoid the heavy favourites for the competition? After all we stuck three past the scum in a half, it took Barca nearly two games to manage that. Taxi for Alves!!!

Audere est Facere…

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