But he gets that tone with 7s

Billy Gibbon's guitar tech Elwood Francis takes us through the Rev. Willy G's touring gear

and 8s are the heavy strings.

Remember all those guitar mag articles where they told you great tone comes from huge action and a set of bailing wire for strings. Stevie Ray was using 13s, you know.

Well in the Premier Guitar Mag video below Billy Gibbon’s guitar tech Elwood Francis goes through the Rev. Willy G’s current touring rig and the amazing fact put out is that the Rev. uses 7s on all but one axe which is used for open E and so has a heavy set of 8s.

Sevens, I can’t even imagine how skinny and bendable they are, I’ve never gone below 9s – usually use a D’Addario hybrid set, Super Light Top/Regular Bottom, unwound from 9s, wound from a set of 10s. Set in me ways, so don’t really check out other strings but you can get Gibbon’s signature Dunlop strings in 7 to 38.

And so with such a light set of strings creating less tension on the neck they’ve even had the neck of some of the guitars chambered. How light was that Les Paul Pearly Gates?

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