It won’t be awkward for ‘Arry

Spurs fans show their appreciation for Martin Jol during his last game against Getafe in the UEFA Cup - can't see 'Arry get that kind of response

he just sit there and twitch.

The scene is set for Spurs’ home game against Fulham, you can just see it another scoreless draw, Martin Jol is standing on the touchline, arms crossed, chin jutting out and the crowd is in full voice… I love Martin Jol and Martin Jol loves me.

‘Arry is slumped in his seat, going a bit red and twitching.

Afterwords when asked about what happened ‘Arry twitchingly, angrily tells us that we’ve just witnessed the greatest display by a Tottenham side in history and that any fans idiots who didn’t like it should fuck off and watch Fulham.

While Martin has a smile on his big face when asked about the fans’ response to his return, even as a manager of another club says Noo… the fansh here are great, they were alwaysh good to me, it’sh a great club and we had some good timesh together.

Much has been made of the reaction of Spurs fans to the news that Martin Jol had been installed as the new Fulham manager. The outpouring of love for the big man was immense. And while some of it was over the top – going to supporting Fulham – it really showed how ‘Arry’s stock has dramatically fallen over really the last few months.

And there’s only one person to blame for that. ‘Arry.

It’s not been down to finishing fifth, all those draws, not being able to beat relegation fodder, no they haven’t helped but the main reason has been the way he dismissed any criticism coming his way by lambasting the descenting voices and declaring how great he is by giving us this great season.

So in the two full seasons ‘Arry has been in charge his worst finish, 5th, was the best place under Jol. BMJ got us to the quarters of the UEFA Cup, ‘Arry got to the same stage of the Champions League. Under Martin, bar one win against Chelsea, oh and a certain ref/lino combination robbing Mendes at Old Trafford, didn’t beat the Sky Top 4, whereas under ‘Arry that monkey – bar ManUre – has gone with not only wins but away wins against the scum and the scousers.

BMJ wasn’t any good at seeing out games, or using his subs but then ‘Arry has trouble in those areas at times. How many times are you saying to yourself about bloody time when someone is hooked only to follow it up with why are you bringing him on?.

After the disgraceful way in which Spurs sacked him – which is also a factor in the love shown for him – Jol moved on and another 5th placed season this time in Germany with Hamburg, then took Ajax to second in the Eredivisie, in the process scoring 106 goals while conceding just 20, with only 4 being let in at home. Now the first number will have come as no surprise the latter two do. But they came second to the McClown led Twente, that might say something about that league. He did win the cup though.

So does ‘Arry look to be the better manager? He’s got a better winning percentage, ranking 4th amongst Spurs managers to Martin’s 12th place, while taking the side over the line that seemed to be a stumbling block for Jol. Or are they roughly the same? Either way the main difference is the manner in which they conduct themselves, especially with regard to the fans, who after are what the game is really about.

So while Martin will take it all with a smile, a laugh, a joke and good grace, ‘Arry will be phoning up talkSport and gob off about those idiots.

…all together now…I love Martin Jol…

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