…and I ain’t even high

Tim Curry - Sloe Gin

I’m so fucking lonely…and I feel like I’m gonna die…

Sloe gin… sloe gin…

Heard the track “Sloe Gin” performed by Joe Bonamassa on his 2007 album of the same name but it wasn’t until the DJ Rob Birnie mentioned after playing it on PlanetRock that I knew it was a cover.

And it would never have occurred to me that it would be a cover of a Tim Curry song. Maybe as I hadn’t a clue about Curry’s recording career. Yeah I figured he’d probably done some stuff along the lines of his most famous acting role – Dr. Frank N. Furter in “The Rocky Horror Show” – but not this Bob Ezrin, Michael Kamen penned track, from his debut 1978 disc “Read My Lips“.

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