Thank you Sri Lanka, just piss all over

my chips why don’t you.

So does that mean it’s going to be a 4-1 thrashing not the 5-0 whitewash I was expecting in the one day series?

England really did a number on their more experienced opponents in the rain affected series opener at the Oval but can we expect things to go that way again?

Swinging conditions does help, certainly with Anderson, but he’s just put his one performance in and that’s his standard . The Steve Harmison method, do what’s just required. When you’ve come in for a bit of stick, which the Burnley Bumpkin certainly doesn’t get enough of from his media mates, and your place is in jeopardy pull out a decent performance and then sit back and rest on that for as long as possible.

Anderson’s first wicket was lucky, long hop heading leg side, Dilshan just unlucky to find a fielder with a gimme. Jayawardene some might think unlucky to be given LBW, looking leg-side again. The two catches were class though, his caught and bowled especially good when you consider where he’s looking when delivering the ball. His fourth, Kulasekara, was a good piece of bowling, nice three card trick, couple of short ones then pitch it up.

Somebody obviously had a word with Kieswetter between the Twenty20 game and this 50 over job. Gone was the wild panicking wahoos, his 56 ball 61 was more controlled and showed what he can do opening the innings.

It will be interesting to see what the management will do when the situation is reversed in the future and Kieswetter is the first out not Cook. Will they do the standard England thing and play by the numbers, we have Trott at three so he has to come in at three no matter what. You only need one to anchor the innings, if Cook is cracking on yeah bring in Trott but if Cook is in drop anchor mode wouldn’t it be a bit better promoting Pietersen or Morgan?

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