England will be favourites after that group

has played out.

In all honesty I’d completely forgotten about the qualifying group draw for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil before it happened, during it happening and since it happened.

The only time, until right now, I took an interest was the day after when I needed some reading material for my early morning visit to the little room. But after a perusal of England’s qualifying trip through Eastern Europe I have no doubt that they’ll be installed as heavy favourites for the competition. The only thing standing in their way will be the heat of course. 🙄

No doubt, unless he’s banged up by then, ‘Arry will be leading the team out, it’ll be full of the usual suspects. ‘Arry won’t be jettisoning the Golden Generation, no, far from it he’ll be reintroducing old members. You know for that first game Beckham will be wearing the armband.

Montenegro or Moldova away, ah yes it’s got the hallmarks of a classic England qualifying game, a struggle. Gerrard will score a couple and will let everyone know it was him and all him, while Henry Winter wanks himself into a stupor only stopping to berate ‘Arry for not building the team around this God on a football pitch.

They’ll be boos while San Marino park every bus they can find at Wembley but then ‘Arry will pull the masterstroke and Crouchy will nod in a couple to ease the fears. Poland at home will bring much talk of Cloughy, clowns and Tomasczewski and will be the toughest test. And as it’s all our yesterdays Shevchenko will score for the Ukraine and Abramovich will contemplate resigning him, Lampard though will get the equaliser.

Then for the final game it’ll be away to San Marino, Terry will stumble, Ferdinand will ponce out of the way and some butcher, baker, candlestick maker will try and score within 8.3 seconds but the day will be saved by another old boy Wright getting four.

Most teams in the top seeded pot would have loved that draw, most of them would cruise through it. England will stumble and struggle and then even though there’s been a bit of souls searching about the national game after last year’s debacle in South Africa that’ll all be forgotten and they’ll be installed as favourites by the hacks and the nation.

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