LA Galaxy join Liverpool, Celtic, Inter Milan

Leeds, Coventry, Wolves, West Ham…

and of course Spurs as Robbie Keane’s boyhood club.

I have always wanted to come and play in MLS so it’s the perfect combination for me and a dream come true Robbie Keane

Did he say it with a little knowing smile, when the Galaxy forked out £3.5m for his signature? It’s knocking on £80 million that’s been spent on Robbie Keane over the last 12 years on transfer fees alone.

There’s mixed feelings from Spurs supporters for the player that spent by far the longest part of his career to date at the club. Where it’s been two years here, one there, less than one elsewhere, it was seven and a half at The Lane, 293 club appearances for Spurs out of 549 in total. Unfortunately it was in two spells and the second 18 months following his lifelong dream move to Liverpool in July 2008 had faltered by January 2009, which saw him back in February, sullied everything. Also saw diminishing returns, two loan spells and a general feeling that for all he did in that first spell he was now surplus to requirements and would someone please take this deadwood and his wages of our hands.

It’s a shame, if the bin dippers hadn’t tapped him up there would be greater feeling for the player who after all was constantly in double figures for goals through his first spell, scored over 100, the fifteenth Spurs player to do so – in total 121 from 293 appearances. In the calendar year 2007 he scored 31 goals with 13 assists from just 40 starts, during that period he struck up a great partnership with Berbatov, which saw both of them score some cracking goals, taking us on a trip of hope, home and abroad.

Winning player of the year three times in a row – 2003–04, 2005–06 and 2007–08 – first to do so for the club his only trophy was the ’08 Carling Cup. His importance during some of the dark days during the 2000s is undoubted – as mapped out at Wikipedia.

But in the end as they say you should never come back and it was all going to end in disappointment as he just became known as that “pointy, shouty, bloke”, still that may be better than being known for that goal celebration. Forward roll and toy guns, all a bit primary school.

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