Fleetwood Brun wouldn’t have worked

Fleetwood Mac - First gig - Windsor Jazz and Blues Festival, August 13th, 1967 - Talk To Me Baby - I'm Goin' Home - I Need You - Instrumental - Fine Little Mama - The World Keeps On Turning - Shake Your Money Maker

would it?

It was announced yesterday that the original Fleetwood Mac bass player Bob Brunning died last month, October 18th.

Now Peter Green named his band after the rhythm section he wanted behind him, the one he was with during his stint in John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers – Mick Fleetwood on drums and John McVie on bass. But while Fleetwood was quick to go with Green, McVie ummed and ahhed because he liked the steady work and pay-packet Mayall supplied.

So Bob Brunning stood in as the temporary bass player through the early days of the band, with the understanding that McVie would be straight in once he’d made the right choice. It wasn’t long after the band’s debut at the Windsor Jazz and Blues Festival, on August 13th 1967, this happened.

Brunning appeared on only one Fleetwood Mac recording, the Peter Green penned “Long Grey Mare” on the band’s 1968 eponymous debut album.

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