Diary of a Soul

Saint Jude - Soul On Fire


I’ve kind of given up on music mags, kinda feel what’s the point of something written months back in teh interweb age, but picked up the latest edition of Classic Rock magazine basically because it came with a free CD.

Ever since I heard Saint Jude‘s “Soul On Fire” on Planet Rock, I’ve been meaning to get their album “Diary Of A Soul Fiend”. Well when the band’s Twitter account mentioned it was being given away with the aforementioned magazine, I had to get it. I figure at £5.50 it’s a fiver for the CD, which is the right price for me, and 50p for the mag.

It isn’t the full album the last two tracks. of the ten, “Parallel Life” and “Southern Belles”, are replaced with two live tracks, “Down And Out” and “Parallel Life”, so one track is really all that’s missing. And quite frankly it’s worth it for “Soul On Fire” alone, a cracking piece of rock and or roll…

You can also download a free acoustic version of “Garden Of Eden” by signing up to their mailing list.

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