Van Halen: Tattoo

Van Halen - Tattoo - first single from A Different Kind of Truth

it’s finally here.

Well how long as the wait been? 14 years since the last album. 17 years since the last decent album. 28 years since the last Dave album. 16 years since the last new DLR tracks.

So the first David Lee Roth Van Halen album since 1984 – “A Different Kind of Truth” – is less than a month away as the first single is released – “Tattoo”…

Now I’m a huge and I mean huge Van Halen fan – just check the profile for the evidence – so I’ve been waiting for this, especially since two of the original band joined up again with Diamond Dave.

Am I going to be disappointed? Well it an’t gonna be like what happened with VHIII.

The single well it sounds like the cross between the last decent VH album – “Balance” – with post “Eat ‘Em And Smile” Dave voice. Which ain’t a bad thing. The single is growing on me but then it’s had a head start because I like the track “Down In Flames”. A track they used to play back in the day and was pencilled to be on VHII, lyrics are different – still classic Dave – but the music is very similar, just the intro is now the outro.

Should be no surprise as two of the songs down on the album tracklist are oldies that haven’t found their way onto an official release until now. “She’s The Woman” which they played at the recent Cafe Wha? gig and “Bullethead”.

I do hope the new album is just reworking of all the old demos and live staples but then I do like those old tracks…

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