Spurs are Newcastling this season

or should that be Keggy Keegling it?

It pretty much doesn’t matter which, both the same, both have seen what could at one stage have been a 16 point lead is now a one point deficit after another insipid display.

You can forget all the excuses. You can’t blame this on what happened to Fabrice Muamba on Saturday. You can’t blame this on Fabio’s departure. This has been going on before either of those incidents. Bar a blip against Wigan and the post ‘Arry’s acquittal Newcastle game it’s been a downward spiral since the Citeh defeat.

Ever since Defoe missed that chance to probably score the winner at Citeh, then they scored the winner, it’s been downhill all the way. With insipid Cup displays lumped in as well. Eight points from seven games. You might even go back a game before that and the one all at home to Wolves when they had the chance to go top and blew it.

And last night’s one all draw at home to Stoke included everything that has been at fault for this run. Highlighted brilliantly by the late, late equaliser. Much like that Cup game on Saturday before it was called off, Spurs were all at sea and then Bale actually managed to find his way to the left where he swung a cross in and bang the equaliser.

The game had a familiar pattern as everything was squashed in the middle with Bale and Kranjcar wandering. Though bizarrely there was plenty of space in the middle right in front of the Spurs centre-back pairing. Aren’t we supposed to have a stopper in there? Where is he? Oh, there he is skipping about exactly where he isn’t required. And then if that wasn’t bad enough he got himself involved in more than just water carrying and yet again every time he passed the ball forward or received the ball up the field in a promising position he completely butchered it.

Now the wandering Bale. His choice, ego, or ‘Arry’s? Either way when even telly commentators and ex-pros can see what’s wrong it must be bleeding obvious. Even to ‘Arry surely? It is neither rocket surgery or brain science. It’s simple. Bale on left get crosses in even with the striker we have under performing it’s got a hell of a lot better chance of working than everyone being in front of the 18 yard line hitting shots at defenders.

26 shots and a whole 6 on target. Stoke’s ‘keeper had very little to do. As Everton’s did in the last league outing, surprised with 71% of possession ‘Arry hasn’t claimed we battered ’em .

So insipid was the first half that hell even I was screaming for Defoe to be brought on. Much good that did. Hell he was probably even worse than usual. Looks like Saha needs a strike partner and that has to be Adebayor or it just doesn’t work.

Things are so much on the downward spiral that even going a goal behind, like against Bolton, doesn’t seem to give them the kick up the arse required. You just knew they were going one down when Bale hit that screamer off the bar. How many seconds later before Jerome prodded in the knock down from a free kick? A stupid free kick given away by who again? Oh that’s right.

In the end it was a point gained and stopped the run of defeats but that wasn’t enough. Does anyone bar ‘Arry think that point will be the make or break? Not that long ago he was talking about the title, now we’re closer to Swansea in eighth than ManUre at the top, hell closer to the Scouse in seventh than Citeh in second.

When did ‘Arry say I’d love it on Sky telly?

Tottenham Hotspur 1 – 1 Stoke City

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