Only Spurs could this happen


Only the team from Tottenham could scrape fourth after having 3rd and guaranteed Champions League theirs. And lose out on a place in next season’s competition, taken from them by a game this season in which they weren’t involved and the bloody Germans lost at home on penalties.

So all those that are happy at Spurs demise, as that loathsome Terry lifted the cup, think on after Citeh bought the title, now Chelski have finally bought their holy grail for £1bn, while totally distorting the footballing landscape with outrageous transfer fees, wages and binning of managers that won doubles and the like. Next season you’ll have to watch them park the bus again against any decent side while humping long balls and hoping to nick it. Whereas Spurs last season entertained.

Boring all to score one hell of a header from their only corner in 120 minutes of anti-football. They were always trying to find alternatives to penalties a few years back, so we had the golden goal, the silver goal but one of the suggestions that sounds rather good was that the team with the most corners wins. Bayern Munich 20 – 1 Cheatski. Looks better doesn’t it, little more representative.

So who to blame? Those bloody Germans, bloody French or the damn Dutch?

Damn Dutch. Why the hell in a team of Germans why is a Dutchman, Arjen Robben, taking penalties in normal time, well extra-time? As a nation they haven’t exactly got the best record of them, even if Robben does. Why was Schweinsteiger hiding not being able to look just outside his own penalty area?

Maybe some time later we found out as his miss in the shootout handed it to Chelski. Bloody Germans, though at least he had a half decent game unlike that useless lumper they had up front Gomez, who took striking ineptness to a new level, in-between just standing there doing bugger all.

Then the bloody frogs. Ribéry, another flatter to deceive performance of nothingness, from a rather overrated player. Dithering indecisiveness capped by his ineptness in letting the ball run out for a goal kick in the dying seconds that allowed those in blue one last hump up the park to win the vital corner for the equaliser. Then his fannying about injured after being tackled by Drogba for the Bayern penalty in the opening minute of extra-time, which took long enough for everyone to know Robben was going to miss. With Mikel in his lughole.

Oh and Di Matteo has done a pretty decent job but he didn’t revitalise the club. Read Ruud Gullit asking what Villas Boas was playing at, when his chum Robbie could do this with the same squad. Well it wasn’t exactly the same situation. AVB was told to revitalise the club, get rid of the old guard, get rid of the old way of playing, bring in new players with a new exciting, possession, style all while winning. It didn’t happen. Whereas Di Matteo was told to just win, anyway possible, get into next season’s Champions League. So the old guard were brought back and told to play the old way, so we saw the bus parking and long ball game that brought success. Now one of the old guard might be off anyway but if the caretaker gets the job will he have to change things the way the Portuguese was expected to?

Bitter? Mir? Moi? Me? Of course I bloody am, but all in all it was all rather predictable…

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