Thank you Donovan McNabb

RGIII and Alfred Morris
Robert Griff III (#10 RGIII) and Alfred Morris (#46) against Dallas - December 29th, 2012

from the NFC East Champions.

It was an odd season Donovan McNabb had in Washington. Odd that they traded for him. Odd that they then benched him for Rex Grossman. Odd that they then signed him to a new $78 million deal, with the possibility of that being added to by another $10 million – though only $3.5 million guaranteed. Odd that they would then drop him to 3rd choice quarterback.

Not odd that at the end of the season they would trade him. The Minnesota Vikings got their man and the Redskins got a sixth-round pick in the 2012 draft.

Last night that 6th round pick, Alfred Morris, carried the Redskins into the playoffs as champions of the NFC East.

Three touchdowns, 200 yards, 5 yards short of the single game record for the Redskins – while breaking the season rushing record for the club – as the Skins defeated the Cowboys 28-18 in a bit of a nail-biter.

Thanks also have to go to Tony Romo, especially for that last interception when things were getting nervy and Jason Hatcher for hitting RGIII’s head after that incomplete pass on the 3rd and 7 that allowed Morris to get his 3rd TD and kill the game off. Oh and Sav Rocca for that touchdown saving face mask tackle.

Oh and thanks to RGIII on one knee still managed to bamboozle the Dallas defence.

21 years since Joe Gibbs won the third of his Super Bowls and this is only the second NFC East title since compared to 8 bottom of the division seasons. Only the fifth time in the playoffs – 3 wins, 4 losses.
Can two rookies make this a special one?

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