No New Year hangover for


Will 2013 please carry on like this. Well results wise, without those first few minutes and without Howard Webb of course.

Another three points, 10 out of a possible 12 over the festive period and, another dominating performance. But another hit and miss display, what with 30 attempts on goal.

So Spurs finally concede a goal inside the first 15 minutes, thanks to Howard Webb gifting Reading with a free kick after Pogrebnyak decided to tumble over the leg Naughton had kicked the ball away from him with. What happened after was slightly predictable, if Harte didn’t score directly, Spurs would be slow to react to a ball rebounding into the area, unlike the big lumbering Russian. Some things never change.

Luckily it didn’t take long for the equaliser or it could have been one of those long afternoons. Not for the first time, or indeed last, it all came about by Lennon getting past his defender and getting to the byeline and standing the ball up at the back post. It’s a winner, it always has been and always will be. It brought a corner which for the second time in a week Spurs scored from. This time they did it all themselves, Sigurdsson’s corner and Dawson’s goal.

Lennon’s been on top form over the festive period. Is he finally actually being coached on the art of being a winger. Revolutionary stuff there from AVB. Though it wasn’t all great stuff from him. Again as per usual once something is done that works it isn’t repeated or not repeated enough. So time and again Lennon kept heading straight into the middle of the park instead of keeping wide.

Things got a bit cramped in the middle of the park with Lennon and Sigurdsson, who replaced the suspended Bale “on the left” repeatedly coming inside – one bizarre passage of play saw the fullbacks narrower than the central pair of Sandro and Dembele. It was all making things far too easy for Reading’s flat back 10 to defend. So while the shots mounted up and Reading offered nothing in attack the score stayed one all at half time.

Shortly after the break Lennon again got to the byeline dinked the ball over and Adebayor finally got on the scoresheet. So Lennon gets to the byeline twice and twice it ended up with Spurs scoring. Now that’s real wing play and should what he does more of. Did seem to be more width after the break, could it be AVB had made notes and then told the players how to change things during the interval. Again revolutionary stuff.

Much made of Adebayor now being confident after actually scoring. Some think it’ll see him change into the scorer of last year. We’ll see, not holding my breath.

Shortly after Reading actually got across the halfway line with the ball. Two decent chances, not surprisingly coming through the middle after Parker was introduced. Isn’t that his job description to block out these kinds of things. Funny he doesn’t seem to do it, just meanders after the ongoing play. While people hero worship his haircut. Please ‘Arry make an offer that can’t be refused.

Reading manager stated they were in it, only by luck, certainly not through any merit of their own. When will he become Liverpool manager? He already has the Rodgers delusions spot on. Thankfully that luck ran out as a deflection wasn’t deflected wide or into the ‘keeper’s hands but over the custodian and looping into the net from Dempsey’s shot.

Three goals from 30 shots, one of these days it’s going to over before half time. So next up ‘Arry, is he starting the mind games early with both Pugwash and AVB by saying You’d have to be a real dope to mess it up about the Chelsea job?

Just carry on this form through 2013 now…

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