The Fastest Guitar In The West

Ten Years After - I'm Going Home - Woodstock 1969

R.I.P. Alvin Lee.

While never reaching the heights of Zeppelin, Cream or Fleetwood Mac as a band and never being as revered as Page, Clapton, Green, Beck as a guitar player, Ten Years After and Alvin Lee played their part in the British blues rock invasion of America in the 1960s.

The highlight probably being their set at Woodstock in ’69, particularly the 11 minute version of the Lee penned “I’m Going Home” and it’s inclusion on the Woodstock film…

…and Lee’s speed on his hippy sticker plastered, customised Gibson ES-335 – extra single coil pickup in between the neck and bridge uncovered humbuckers.

Though having seen the Woodstock film I have to admit I came to know Lee’s stuff later on. He featured on the cover of a Guitarist magazine in the 80s, with that stickered Gibbo and then after featuring as part of the “Night of Guitars” concert line up. With Randy California, Robby Krieger, Leslie West, Wishbone Ash guys & Steve Howe. Playing a Gibbo with a Kahler trem.

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