It’s not sour grapes from England

it’s just they’re sick and tired of him.

Welsh Wales legends have been coming out and complaining about England’s coaches making it public knowledge they have some questions for the referee of Saturday’s championship decider.

Sour grapes they’re all shouting. It’s not. It’s England coming to the end of their tether with an individual they have history with. A history that led me to Tweet before the game…

That led former England international Austin Healey to have a change of heart about the outcome before the game…

On Twitter last week I said I would have a £1 bet with anybody in Wales that England would win. Yet the eagle-eyed among you will remember I cancelled this bet the moment I realised Walsh was the referee.

England gave all due praise to the victors on Saturday and after, Healey adding to that comment above…

I owe a pound to the 300-odd of you who took me up on that bet before I changed my mind.

Because we all recognised that Wales put on a hell of a display to rack up that score. As I said in my post in the end Wales didn’t need the help of the ref. Doesn’t mean he didn’t give it and that he should answer questions about it. It’s not sour grapes at all.

Legitimate question have to be raised about why he did certain things, why he thought England would collapse a scrum when they knew Wales would put another 3 points on the board. Why England’s captain is dismissed out of hand when asking for clarification of certain interpretations, while Welsh players who are not their captain gets a nice discussion about things. Why according to England he refereed things differently than he told them in the pre-match meeting.

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