The lion still

Jonny Wilkinson
Jonny Wilkinson with the Heineken Cup 2013


Have to say I was rather glad Jonny Wilkinson’s Toulon won the Heineken Cup.

It’s not just that I’ve always been a fan but the way some had patted him on the head in the build. Yes, you’ve done a good job kicking you team here through the quarters and semi-final, now you can just sit back and let the better team win.

Time and again they just write him off. Time and again he comes back to shut ’em up if only for a minute. OK he may not have been at the centre of everything, but he put the kick over when needed and scored 11 of their 15 points, all of which were required to win.

There are numerous positions England haven’t adequately filled since that glorious early morning (back here) in Australia in 2003. Numbers 9 and 10 are the major ones. We haven’t had a scrum-half with the class, ability, skill and gob of Dawson and the fly-halves haven’t been much better. Flouncy Flood flouncing tackles, Cipriani constantly shooting himself in the foot and Hodgson being a right Charlie.

Farrell gives you hope, far much more hope than those other three but it’s big shoes to fill those of Jonny Wilkinson.

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