Der Panzerwagen

Tony Martin
Tony Martin wins the 2013 World Championships Time Trial

war einfach zu gut.

The second part of Sir Bradley Wiggins’ attempt to turn around the 2013 season just came against a machine that gave him no chance of wearing the rainbow jersey next season.

In all honesty Wiggins couldn’t have done any more, he rode a perfect race, taking the first part easy so there was gas in the tank for the extra distance that the UCI added to the course above their stated rules for such competitions.

Pacing his race to take the silver medal ahead of Fabian Cancellara who seemed to go off faster and fade more at the end, while Wiggo kept it steady, was all the Olympic time trial champion could do. Tony Martin as Wiggins pointed out was on another level. Beating the field by over three quarters of a minute with a display that was befitting of a man who was winning his third world championships jersey on the trot.

Wiggins just has to think that at least he beat the guy who looks to be head and shoulders the outstanding time trialist around at the moment when it really, really counted at last years Olympics and since the last time he faced Martin in the World Championships, in 2011 when the podium was the same, he’s taken half a minute off the German panzerwagen.

2013 World Championships Time Trial podium
2013 World Championships Time Trial podium - Bradley Wiggins (2nd), Tony Martin (1st), Fabian Cancellara (3rd)

Now he just has to get on with the third part of that season resurrecting and get the road race rainbow jersey on Chris Froome at the weekend.

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