At least that group should England put out of their misery


More to the point it should put us England fans out of our misery and we can get on and enjoy the competition without the bloated failures clogging up the rest of the World Cup.

  • Uruguay
  • Costa Rica
  • England
  • Italy

In all honesty it didn’t matter who England were grouped with, Group of Death or an easy one.

Get an easy one and they just end up struggling through with insipid draws to those teams that the media see as easy – Algeria & USA (2010), Ireland (1990) – or scrape unimpressive victories – Slovenia (2010), Paraguay, Trinidad & Tobago (2006), Egypt (1990), Morocco (1986).

Group of Death and they might actually bother to put the effort in that perceived minnows are just not afforded. Who knows they might fluke it but if it comes down to goal difference or goals scored in the final game I wouldn’t back them to annihilate Costa Rica.

It doesn’t matter either way because if they do scrape their way out of the group people get all excited and then England come up against decent opposition and when it really matters are found even more wanting.

This is what about three tournaments too far for a number of players past a prime that produced nothing but failure. Golden Failure. So the sooner England exit Brazil 2014 the sooner we can finally say goodbye to Lampard, Gerrard, Cole etc etc. Well you would hope but knowing the way Roy now thinks he’ll be on his hands and knees begging for them to stay. And knowing the way we have struggled to get rid of the Golden Failures they’ll be there for the Euro 2016 qualification kick-off.

Roy: They’ve still got something to offer.

Greg Dyke’s reaction was perfect, it shows what should happen to most of those that will be involved in this undoubted debacle.

As England struggle around Manaus – somewhere between 2 and 4am BST – in the heat and humidity, not touching the ball while Italy pass it all around them – with Roy’s squad containing at least one injured player who won’t feature enough to merit a place – you can relax and think, it’s OK it will be over soon.

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