Tim Sherwood the great entertainer


Apparently when Daniel Levy sacked Andre Villas-Boas and replaced him with Tim Sherwood we got our Spurs back, because the game is about glory. To do is to dare.

Those that disliked AVB and love having a good old English gaffer in charge seem to be watching a different game. Timmy’s sides are swashbuckling their way through the opposition with a flair and style that has them on par with the 1970 World Cup winning Brazil side.

Except it’s not what has actually happened on the pitch.

I’ll now put up some stats which the anti-AVB lot will loathe because stats and analysis is the way Andre would have done it. Not good old Tim, who probably can’t read, so has no time for stuff like that. Though of course if the stats fit their logic they’ll be readily used. Such as pointing out there was a better goal conversion rate under Timmy in his first few games than under AVB.

Well yes there was when you score one goal out of four attempts, you get a 25% rate which is better than the percentage of one or no goals from 21 attempts. But which is more entertaining four shots of five times that amount?

In the 8 league games since Timmy took over this is the difference, average per game, from AVB’s days, 16 games.

On Target-1.875+0.125

Now some aren’t vast a difference, some minute, but its still shows this entertainment is a myth.

What is more entertaining about having less shots, less shots on target, less possession and a worse passing percentage. Well it’s more entertaining for the opposition especially when you figure in their numbers went up in all categories.

It’s more entertaining having end to end hopelessly clueless stuff like we saw against Hull at the weekend. Better to have football from the school of Allardyce and Pulis? Is that the Spurs’ way?

When you add in the form of the opposition from those league games under Sherwood its even worse – yes more stats coming.

In the six games before they played Spurs those 8 teams averaged just over 7 points from a possible 18 – so two wins, one draw and three defeats. If you take out both Manchester clubs who were on a run before the meetings then it comes out at 4.5 points a game from 18. Little over a win and a draw in six games before Timmy’s side “entertained” them.

So basically Timmy’s sides were playing teams on a bad trot and they played worse than what had gone before.

Hell in the 6-0 thrashing at Citeh they had more attempts on target than in 6 of the 8 games under Timmy.

Timmy the great pretender rather than great entertainer…

After finding all the stats and calculating this letter to football365 came up

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