Excuse me if I don’t shed a tear about Pietersen’s


And excuse me if I’m not shocked at it either, it seems a surprise to some that history has repeated itself.

Everywhere Kevin Pietersen has played it’s ended in him being shown the door with his “team-mates” glad to see the back of him. He can now ply his trade as he wants, in nothing Twenty20 games for considerable money, fitting for a mercenary of the game.

I can’t be the only one is glad not to have to hear that inane phrase it’s the way I play in that god awful whiny accent.

And that phrase alone should have seen him get the bullet after this series.

When the way you play is detrimental to the team, especially when the team need you the most, and all you’re doing is slapping a shot to mid-off after scoring 20 or 30 that other stuff going on can’t be ignored. But if you’re playing for the team and not your own ego, steadying the side and diligently going about amassing a big score, being an insufferable arsehole can be overlooked.

And that is why Pietersen needed to be jettisoned. Because he can play that way. He can do the right thing at the right time, he has done it in the past. But so often, like in this last series, he chose to just slog at some delivery and get out. Playing for his ego.

It’s like when everyone went on about him being a walking wicket for little inoffensive left arm spinners. He went out there with his ego in full bluster to prove them wrong and time after time proved them right. Just replace that spinner with Peter Siddle and you have the Ashes whitewash.

It’s the way I play. To the detriment of the team, handing the opposition a cheap wicket. Doesn’t really stand up to the statements about his love for the country and team does it? Added to the other crap that always comes with him there was no option. He’s already managed to oust two coaches and one captain, going for another captain things had to be stopped.

I’ve seen a number of former international sportsmen sticking up for him and blaming the management. But they aren’t there dealing with him day in day out. Would Michael Vaughan put up with him because of the runs he might get if he was getting out cheaply repeatedly?

Will Carling claims he had to put up with Guscott and Moore but would they have been texting the opposition the way Pietersen did back in 2012 to undermine his captain? No, they might have been gobby shits, but it was all for the team not just for them.

Would Carling of Vaughan really put up with that kind of behaviour? Of course not and so we wouldn’t have been in this position because he wouldn’t have been brought back into the fold. And that’s where the management went wrong. Bringing him back so easily told him he can do what he wants and he’ll get away with it.

Well thankfully he hasn’t.

In end all you need to know about Pietersen is look at who his biggest supporter is – bar himself of course – Piers Morgan. One the scummiest pieces of shit to walk this earth. Judged by the company you keep Kev.

Pietersen could have been the greatest batsman of the modern era but his ego, summed up perfectly in that trite phrase, prevent it. Only himself to blame.

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