Oh, lucky Tim, how AVB

must envy him.

Tim Sherwood’s spawny travels through football management continue, in this latest episode his side are again atrocious but again pick up three points against Everton.

Blogged over the last few weeks how Timmy has had one lucky passage through the football schedules since taking over as Spurs’ boss. Facing numerous teams that could barely scratch a win between them and when it was a team on form he was found out.

Well Everton were a team trying to get back on form after their stuffing by Liverpool, they’d followed it up with a win over Villa but hell the Spammers managed that at the weekend so it not exactly an indicator of a team on the charge.

But the main thing for the visiting Everton was the loss of their main striker, Lukaka, in that derby game. Oh what luck for Timmy, no Lukaka meaning Martinez went without a real forward. Naismith doesn’t really count.

No real cutting edge for the Toffees. Which was exceptionally lucky in those opening minutes.

It was all fun and games on Saturday laughing away as Liverpool went 4-0 up against the Woolwich Wanderers. Everton had a striker it could have been the same fate at White Hart Lane. The amount of space, time and chances Leon Osman had you’d think they had him down for first scorer.

Again it was Hugo to the rescue. Thank god we’ve got the best between the sticks or just imaging what this season could have been like. Just imagine what it could be like in the future, surely there are envious eyes out there and we know how good Levy is at keeping the best players at the club.

This was truly an awful game from Spurs, as Bentaleb was having rings run round him, Timmy’s plan seemed classic kick and hope. Was Dembele forward and Paulinho back his master plan? The exact opposite of how they should go about things. No pressure, no pressing the opposition, just let them pass it about, while those in white struggled to string two passes together, before aimlessly giving the ball away.

When they did get forward we found classic Adebayor. All couldn’t trap a bag of sand first touches and on his heels, never expecting anything. As shown when Danny Rose finally got a great cross in that Adebayor was slow to then seemed to give up on.

By half-time Spurs were struggling to be second best and it was just that lack of a finisher preventing this from being another embarrassment.

Spurs performance could be summed up on the hour with more of those lovely stats as I tweeted at the time.

Two whole shots, two in an hour and none of them on target. That Timmy, he’s entertaining us again.

By then, unlike the previous game, he’d actually made a substitution. Like his predecessor it was a head scratcher. Yes, bringing Townsend on made sense, taking Eriksen off didn’t. Now the Dane hadn’t exactly been outstanding but at least you knew he was on the pitch unlike Lennon. Lennon who managed less than half the touches of the ball that Eriksen did in 25 minutes more on the pitch. It was a clueless sub.

Five minutes after I Tweeted those stats, they changes. From no shots on target to one. One that mattered. A quick free kick from Walker, who as with most had done nothing beforehand, Timmy lucky that the Everton back two had dropped concentration, lucky that for once Adebayor controlled the ball with his first touch, lucky that he didn’t completely bugger it up with his second, his third found the bottom corner.

He took it well but it didn’t merit the adulation used to have another go at AVB, and it was all he did in the match of any real note.

After that Timmy went defensive, you know like AVB would have done to much wailing, with the introduction of a defensive midfielder. Capoue came on for Paulinho, yet again another head scratcher as Bentaleb was still having rings run round him.

Could just hear Les Ferdinand tell Timmy that you can trust DMs when Coleman fell over Capoue’s leg in the area. Could have ben a penalty, maybe if Coleman wasn’t stretching for the ball, slipping and almost on his knees before contact he might have got it. Luckily for Timmy he didn’t.

There was just time for Timmy to play to the crowd and bring Defoe on for his final bow at the Lane. And just enough time for Defoe to halve that shots on target conversion rate with a stupid shot that was never going to score. Well it’s a fitting end, hitting ‘keeper or woodwork, if he wasn’t going to be offside.

Yet again as last week an awful game was saved for Timmy bit a bit of luck and a bit of brilliance. Roberto Martinez said after that it’s better to be lucky than good. Said it on here a number of times about various managers. Also said that there comes a point when the luck runs out. Midweek it’s Newcastle, who are on a downward spiral after offloading their best player in January. Timmy’s luck to hold?

It’s a good job they sacked AVB so we can be right royally entertained by Timmy’s brand of football.

Tale of the tape. The Timmy index. How entertaining it’s been since he replaced AVB.

On Target-2.083-0.0285

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