“I have had a chance to play a lot of top clubs in my career

and I know how it’ s supposed to be”

Yes Emmanuel history tells us those big clubs very quickly tire of you and you’re asked to leave.

It was meant to be a beanie hat that caused the animosity between AVB and Adebayor, the latter refused to remove it, where now the player has said it’s because he gobbed off to the manager trying to dictate what AVB should do in front of the squad.

Adebayor knows best.

Of course every time he does something now on the pitch it’s used as another brickbat to hit AVB with. Those with more sense than your average TV commentator or tabloid hack know that without the spur of trying to prove something he wouldn’t have score 7 in 10, it would be more like last seasons 8 in 34.

AVB knew exactly what he had on his hands, from the moment he turned up late, through his African Cup of Nations disappearance, to the end of the season when like all his previous clubs the manager wanted shot of the player.

He wore out his welcome at the Woolwich scum who couldn’t believe their luck when Citeh offered £25m for the disruptive influence who wasn’t giving it on the pitch. He didn’t last long at Citeh before they were shipping him on loan to Madrid, a freebie as they were still paying his wages in the process.

He made 22 appearances in half a season at Madrid but at the end of it they didn’t want him, knowing a full contract would lead to a player who needs motivation having none. So he was hawked around and the only takers were Spurs, again on loan, with Citeh stumping up the weekly cash.

Ah, yes, a season with a point to prove, brought goals and a player that looked bothered. But again at the end of that season even a dolt like ‘Arry could see that giving Adebayor a permanent deal was the wrong move.

So Citeh were back out hawking him around to finally get those wages of their hands. The player himself was desperately hawking himself, any club but not Spurs. But then Daniel Levy played a blinder and went and offered enough for Citeh to be happy with the deal, a fifth of what they’d paid. With nothing coming from any other club Adebayor had to finally accept his fate.

Good old Levy, can’t resist a bargain, especially one he thinks will turn him a nice profit. How’s that turned out for you Danny?

So with nothing to prove Adebayor spent the season proving right everything those with half a brain knew would come.

Again at the end of the season yet another manager wanted rid of Adebayor. Rightly so. But yet again after a summer of hawking him around the world stage nobody but nobody wanted to take him off Spurs hands. AVB stuck with him and only had one option. Play Soldado.

Adebayor is everything that’s wrong with the game. A lazy mercenary out for number one. The type of player that the modern game has far too readily embraced and how have some Spurs fans embraced him after Timmy brought him back. A couple of goals and treating you and your club like mugs is completely forgotten. The type of player who for 89 minutes couldn’t trap a bag of sand then scores a goal and is labelled “great” and thinks of himself as great it would not take me long to be the number one striker again in Tottenham. Yeah well it’s only because a half wit of a manager has taken over that you’re back, all the others have figured you out quick enough.

Of course he loves Timmy – but watch out it may not last Tim – well they’re both peas in a pod. Snide back stabbers.

Both big time Charlies.

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