Glory hunting has it’s


It’s been 24 years since I’ve seen Aberdeen win a trophy, other lucky buggers only had to wait 19 years.

The last time Aberdeen were in a cup final with damn good chance of winning was back in 1995 – bizarrely the ’95-’96 season as the competition was done and dusted a month before Christmas – against Dundee. They were in both cup finals in 2000 but up against both Old Firm teams at the turn of the new millennium meant little chance of silverware.

On that Sunday not that long before kick-off a family member came into the room clutching their left arm and said I should drive him to the hospital. Heart attack. In hospital he got to see the game, told the nurse it would calm him down and take his mind off the attack – not an Aberdeen fan.

Between sitting in the hospital waiting room, driving around for other family members, I saw none of the game.

So on that basis this last Sunday’s victory for Aberdeen over Inverness Caledonian Thistle in this years final is ahead. On the other had during watching 120 minutes of what some call football left me thinking someone please need a trip to the hospital.

The game was interrupted by the Spurs game. Now that was bad enough but Tim Sherwood’s Spurs make Scottish football look like Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona.

It’s football Jim but not as we know it.

It was 120 minutes which reinforced my wise decision to give up on Jock football a few years back. In a world of football overload something had to give and quite frankly it was an easy decision to stop watching the highlights or live games of this rubbish. Made even worse by pundits trying to talk it up.

The bloke on Sunday was getting rather overexcited.

It was dire. When the ball wasn’t up in the air, during a round of head tennis in rallies that were longer than some Wimbledon matches, the ball was being passed to nobody or an opposition player, then the game was being stopped every few seconds by the whistle that followed another piece of clogging.

Well done Aberdeen, well done Derek McInnes who really seems to have turned the club round, I know early days, but best win percentage of any manager the club has had, trophy in the first season, doing well in the league.

But I’ll stick to supporting them on the modern equivalent of Ceefax.

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