Don’t cry for Tim Sherwood

he’ll do enough of that for himself.

Six and half years after Martin Jol led his Spurs side out and learnt his time was at an end, Timmy had the same experience, though the whole thing was far more enjoyable.

Martin learned during the game that this was his last. Tim was told before he’ll be gone at the end of the season. Martin oversaw a subdued game which saw Spurs surrender their unbeaten home record in Europe, as the fans – for the most part – were unhappy with the way the manager was treated.

Timmy oversaw the team he thinks of as his defeat lowly Sunderland, in front of an uplifted crowd happy to see the back of the charlatan.

It was a game that rather summed up Sherwood’s tenure at the helm.

Facing a team plumb bottom of the league, yes they’ve got games in hand but they’re still below Cardiff, Fulham, Norwich etc. A team that can’t buy a win, on Monday night, a night that they’ve never won a Premier League game on. A team whose best player turned up for a few matches a couple of months back.

And a team who could have walked away from White Hart Lane with all three points.

Only Spurs and especially a Spurs side managed by Tim Sherwood could concede a goal scored by Lee Cattermole.

So typical that under Sherwood while his fanboys are admiring the width the quality has gone out of the window. He’s relied on a bits of luck or individual brilliance for his revolution that’s give us our Spurs back. Christian Eriksen provided the brilliance throughout the game. While others fed of him – Adebayor – or did nothing at all but stink the place out – Rose, Naughton, Lennon.

The cross for the equaliser was pinpoint perfection for Adebayor to bundle it in without having to do anything. Cross for the second was equally as precise as Harry Kane was showered with plaudits when he was six yards out, “defended” by Wes Brown and the ball was put right on his foot.

Kane bumbled about for most of the match – oh he got in good positions, at which point he generally turned into Darren Bent. He made the fourth – after Eriksen deservedly got the third – with a weak shot that the ‘keeper should have done better with and the linesman should have flagged Adebayor offside for.

Sigurdsson putting in the fifth added another covering of paper over the cracks. This was a reasonably poor performance, bar the odd player, against an awful side. A side we have to remember that had Wes Brown and Carlos Cuellar in a back three. The former still looks and plays like a baked bean the latter well when he signed for Rangers it continued a long Scottish tradition of coming back from Spain with a donkey.

But the Timmy fanboys count only the goals. And of course they negate all of the last league game.

Then Timmy went of Sky to be soothed by his mates. This came after the Sky interviewer pleaded with Eriksen to say he loved Tim. It was Tim that had made him after that nasty AVB who never played him. Except AVB did and Eriksen initially excelled but very quickly dropped off and frankly wasn’t that pickable with the way he was performing.

When Eriksen wouldn’t play ball he moved to Adebayor. But even then the praise wasn’t that glowing. Because they like Tim later, when he was on the verge of tears, knew it’s over.

I did wonder during Tim’s interview, in how many languages AVB would know the difference between “employers” and “employees”.

Van Gaal is still the favourite but is, understandably, holding out just in case the ManUre job becomes available. Levy – who wasn’t present at this home game, which really did signal Tim had been given the boot – has been making doe eyes at Pochettino, maybe to force LVG, can he really hope to lure the Southampton manager, their best player, and a couple of youngsters?

And Tim, poor old Tim has been offered his old job back. Why? Well, simple really, Levy knows Tim’s ego and pride will mean he’ll turn it down , he’s not a number two and he ain’t no kiddies trainer, so he’ll leave of his on accord and not be sacked. No compo. Well maybe a little but not the year that was left on his manager’s contract.

Any manager with an ounce of sense wouldn’t want him at the club after the way he back-stabbed his predecessor.

And what will happen to Timmy? And this’ll put his tenure in real perspective. He thinks he can be manager of a club but what club will want to take him on, give him the chance his fanboys thinks he deserves, well his old club Norwich will need a new man, probably after they go down. That’ll sum him up nicely.

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