The luck if Tim keeps on


There’s no better team to be three goals down to than West Brom, as the Baggies dug Timmy out of yet another grave by throwing away a three goal lead to draw three all.

The open few minutes of Timmy’s 5th last game – ticking down with glee – was a new low, and hell that’s saying something.

The joke that every team kicked off at 7 minutes past three, while Spurs did that – though it was WBA that kicked off the game – then did the same at 8 minutes past then 11 minutes past. As Timmy’s defence yet again should their abilities.

A frightening thought that those two fullbacks, Naughton and Rose, could still be ta the club next season. Seconds in and Amalfitano rounded Rose with such ease it was beyond laughable, from the cross Lloris did all he could but the defence was stood round watching the ball go to the WBA player to open the scoring.

Minutes later from another right wing cross, Brunt was all on his lonesome at the back post to slam in the second. Where Naughton was who knows, quite frankly who cares it’s doubtful his presence would have had any effect on the outcome.

But then there was hope, Rose actually did something worthwhile winning a penalty – he would blot his copybook later with a pathetic dive which he was rightly booked for. But of course this is now a Soldadoless Spurs. So it was back to standard Spurs penalties. That is those of the pathetic variety from Adebayor. Which received the Tweet of the day from Dame Julie Welch.

It was a moment that just summed Spurs up in that first half. A half that yet again saw them being outplayed by a side fighting against going down.

15 minutes later it got worse. As Kaboul headed the ball back from a hump up the park. Chiriches was the only Spurs outfield player in his own half and from there he was second best all the way with Sessegnon who banged in the third.

Spurs had had their chances, mostly falling for Harry Kane, who was doing a damn fine impersonation of Darren Bent.

But had it really got worse? West Brom had been in this position before. Four times they’ve been at least 2 up before a quarter of an hour has passed and they’ve not ended up victorious.

The hosts’ capitulation started shortly after they took that three goal lead. Naughton playing a cross – don’t know why the BBC keep insisting it was Lennon – into the area which Olsson flicked past his ‘keeper.

From that moment they sat back and tried to defend. Something they’ve done before and has not really worked for them that well. It didn’t here.

Spurs had all the second half – which started with Timmy changing Chriches for Fryers, obviously in the belief that rose had won the penalty and Naughton had led to the own goal, so what was required was more fullbacks.

All of a sudden during that half Aaron Lennon came alive. From chasing back and picking the ball up deep in his own half to actually running at players with the ball the previously anonymous figure was at the centre of things. Really starting the home panic with a run to the byline then a dink to the back post where Kane nodded in to cut the deficit to one.

It’s funny to hear beforehand some asking why Lennon was starting and Townsend was on the bench. From the way Townsend is talked up, especially for England, you’d think he’s set the league alight but in reality it’s just not the case. League stat wise both Lennon and Townsend have the same number of goals and with that cross Lennon now has four times the assists. Not that Lennon as been that good but his four assists are better than Townsend’s one. If only he’d do what he did here, get to the byline, more often.

He, Lennon, had a hand in the equaliser. Three minutes into the 6 minutes of added time at the end of the 90. Don’t know where they got that 6 minutes from, Tim’s lucky hat. Another dink into the box created chaos and more panic as the ball fell to Eriksen and coolly he turned inside and slammed in the third.

For the second home game running West Brom had scored three, had been deep into added time with a lead and for the second home game running they ended up with just a point.

Pepe Mel’s team had handed Timmy a get out of jail free card, luckily for him and Spurs the players took. But it was a game that just summed up what a ridiculous thing Levy did in installing this cretin in charge.

Notice that Zenit won their latest league game under AVB, just after Spurs’ draw. So that’s played 4, won 4, goals for 14, goals against 5, since he took over. Thinking that would be a bit more entertaining.

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